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25 Pairs Of Shoes Every Mum Needs In Her Back To School Kit

by Lareese Craig Published on 11/08/2015 at 00:00
25 Pairs Of Shoes Every Mum Needs In Her Back To School Kit

Stylish but practical shoes are hard to come by, especially if you’re easily distracted by pretty-to-look-at, not-so-easy-to-walk in high heels (guilty as charged.) We've rounded up these fashionable faves so you can put your best foot forward all in time for the morning school run. Here's 25 pairs of shoes ever mum needs in her life.

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Shoe shopping. We have a love hate relationship with it. On the one hand we wanna be that confident woman that struts to the school gate in the navy suit, shirt and heels combo. On the other hand: effort.

We've shopped around for the best shoes going to make the school run as comfy, chic and Converse-free as possible. It can be done, we promise.

From midi heels to Pinterest-worthy ballet flats, if these don't get the mums talking then we don't know what will. Who knows, you might even run the kids to school. It'll be that easy.

For the sports chic mum

The back to school slog is 100mph so you're gonna want some shoes that can keep up the pace. If getting the kids ready, eating breakfast, ticking off your morning jog and dropping the little ones off at school is all gonna happen before 9am then you need some hot flats in your life. And fast.

H&M Shoes
H&M Shoes

For the effortless mum

Some mums seem to wake up flawless, roll out of bed and into the nearest outfit they can find and the rest just falls effortlessly into place. We'd be lying if we said we weren’t sceptical BUT time to copy their example with these on point pairs.

H&M Shoes
H&M Shoes

For the high heels or nothing kinda mum

Nothing makes you walk like Ryan Gosling's behind you quite like a nice heel, so naturally we had to include these beauties. To eliminate any chance of stacking it en route to school (it happens to the best of us), we've opted for safe but chic shoes to make sure your entrance is a smooth one! The school run? Pffft more like the school run-way #sorrynotsorry.

H&M Shoes
H&M Shoes

For the #ootd kinda mum

She's the Instagram #FWIS mum, the one with more shoes than Kate Moss could fill her wardrobe with. From lace up gladiator sandals to leather tassels and satin loafers, she can pull off anything that comes her way.

H&M Shoes
H&M Shoes

You can shop all these shoes now at H&M!

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