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The 15 Best Things About Being Pregnant

by Carla Cain Walther ,
The 15 Best Things About Being Pregnant© Getty

Besides, y'know, getting a brand new kid at the end of your journey, there are lots of other perks to being pregnant! Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remember these positives when you're trying not to flip out at everyone at your work or are dealing with Braxton Hicks in the middle of food shopping. We're here to remind you why being pregnant can be totally awesome!

1. You're always glowing

Yeah, you could be dripping with sweat from carrying fifteen extra pounds on your body - and DON'T EVEN get us started about being pregnant during the summer. The misery! Yet, no matter how much you perspire as a pregnant lady, everyone is going to tell you that you're glowing and with all that increased blood flow, technically you are!

2. Flats all day, every day

If you can handle wearing sexy stilettos during your pregnancy like Kim K, more power to you, crazy lady!

But since pregnant women's feet tend to swell to the size of Christmas hams, most expectant mummas pass over the six-inch heels of death and choose comfy flats instead! Thankfully, you don't need to sacrifice style for comfort. These days, flats ARE the new stilettos.

3. One word: Sweatpants

Once you complete the "Aww, my little baby belly's so adorable" phase and enter into the "HOLY SH*T. AM I HAVING TRIPLETS?" phase, sweatpants become a dear friend.

​And forget those fashionable sweatpants you see all the time. Nope. You stock up on the classic maternity sweats with a full belly panel and, oh my god, they're as comfortable as your mum said they'd be.

4. No more hangovers

At first, whenever that Evil Guy Who Got You Pregnant popped open a beer at night, you used to eye him with resentment.

A few months into your pregnancy, you're pretty OK with not dealing with the never-ending headaches or cringe-worthy regrets that come from a hard night of drinking. But that doesn't mean you don't expect a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for you the day you get home from delivering your baby. Yum!

5. You're always The Woman of The Hour

Ok, it does kinda stink to have everyone and their cousin reaching out to touch your baby belly. Ugh, germs.

​But you can't help but relish in the extra attention either! Entire dinner conversations revolve around what a good mom you'll be, you're constantly receiving gifts even after the baby shower, and well-meaning strangers smile at you as you walk by. Hell, even you're astounded by the incredible thing your body is doing!

6. Your hubby spoils you

Unless you married the worst man alive, your husband's job throughout these nine months is to satisfy your every whim:

Craving toasties at 3am? He needs to get up and make it without complaining. Plus he needs to give you feet massages after work, let you bicker throughout a meal, and hold you while you cry over something silly.

Face it - he's going to see the worst of you...and he should do it with a smile, damnit!

7. You always have a seat

You never have to stress out about getting a seat on a crowded train or bus. And if someone doesn't get up for you, they can expect to be side-eyed by the other riders until they run out in shame.

8. More friends

In order to survive the awkwardness of lamaze classes, it's necessary to get friendly with the other pregnant ladies there. Since they're going through the same experience as you, those women might eventually become your closest friends!

9. Boobs

Girl, you better give back your membership card to the Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Titty Committee because you're sporting some solid cups now!

10. Healthy eating becomes a habit

The second you know you're pregnant you're way more responsible about what you put into your body. Yes, you might have a greasy takeaway for dinner night every once in awhile, but overall, your eating habits take a turn for the healthy. Go you!

11. Your house gets a deep cleaning

As many mums know, pregnant women love to nest. In fact, they need to do it in order to have control. As your date due comes close, you'll feel compelled to scrub every little crevice in your house, organise closets, and finally clean out the garage.

12. You've got hair commercial hair

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. You finally have your dream hair! Thanks to the increase in hormones, many pregnant women experience amazing growth and thickening to their locks, but sadly this isn't a permanent change . Your hair will likely fall out or thin after you have your kid. Boo!

13. Shopping

New clothes, toys, blankets and more for baby. New clothes for yourself. You can now shop your heart out sans the buyer's remorse because those spiffy new items are totally needed!

14. Sharing the good news

Hands down, one of the best parts of being pregnant is telling everyone you're pregnant! It's incredible to watch your family and in-laws turn into weeping babies themselves when they find out there's going to be a new addition to the clan. Get ready for tons of group hugs!

15. The belly kicks

There's something really special about feeling your baby kick and move inside of you. The connection you'll feel during those quiet moments when your baby makes his presence known is overwhelmingly emotional and you'll secretly miss it even when you're finally holding them in your arms.

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