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13 Creepy Treats To Spice Up Your Halloween Party

by Pascale Day ,
13 Creepy Treats To Spice Up Your Halloween Party

We just love Halloween. What's not to love? Plenty of sweet treats, dressing up like a fool, watching Hocus Pocus on repeat. Yeah, it's got to be our favourite holiday (but maybe ask us again at Christmas). If you're thinking of throwing a Halloween party this year, no ghostly gathering is complete without some spooky snacks - and we have some that are the perfect mix of gruesome and delicious.

Poison toffee apples

Toffee apples are surprisingly easy to make - as long as you have some liquid glucose lying around the kitchen... These poison apples prove that a little effort goes a long way - I mean, just look at them. They look so good! And as long as no one breaks a tooth, your mates are going to be pretty impressed with these bad boys. Get the recipe here.

Hot dog mummies

Let's face it: hot dogs are never not going to go down a treat at a party, are they? There's nothing we all want more after a few tipples than to chow down on some stodgy food. Which is why these haunted hot dogs are perfect - leave 'em out with a little ketchup and watch your drunk mates scoff them with delight. Recipe here.

Brain zombie shots

Whilst kinda gross to look at, these little alcoholic brains taste uh-mazing. But that's the whole point - they're supposed to look grim. And another great thing about them? You can make them as boozy as you like. Check out how to make them here.

Toxic waste mac n cheese

There ain't no one on this earth that don't love mac n cheese, which is why this recipe is going to go down a treat with everyone at your monster bash. Just stock up on green food colouring, and you're good to go. Try this pernicious little treat here.

Chocolate cake with ghost meringues

This cake is perfect when you wanna go on the cuter side of scary. Just look at those little marshmallow ghosts. Adorbs! Here is the recipe for the chocolate cake and the delicious little mallow-y spectres, but if you're lazy like us, there's no harm in buying the chocolate cake and picking up the baking for the ghosts. Cheating is definitely warranted when there's other, more pressing matters at hand - like covering yourself in fake blood to scare your boyf when he gets home. Recipe here.

Meringue bones

The best thing about this recipe is if you're a bit late getting your snacks ready, these meringue bones require only two ingredients: egg whites and sugar - lots of it. Whip these two together, pipe them out into bone shapes and whack them in the oven for a hot minute. But don't take our word for it, let the queen of baking Martha Stewart win your tastebuds: recipe here.

Stabbed cupcakes

I know, I know, sometimes these quirky recipes can be a little complicated. This looks like one of them. But trust me, it's not - this is just a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing. And that little glass shard looks like it would so hard to make if you're not well acquainted with a food thermometer, but really they're just clear candies melted and then tapped with a rolling pin to make it all jagged and threatening. Simple, right? Check it out here.

Monster cake

Now this cake is cute-scary. Like, Monsters Inc level of cute-scary, which is perfect for a more PG-friendly Halloween party. Plus, there's enough here for a whole party, which means whoever doesn't get a slice gets an eyeball. Totally fair. We love the orange colour of this critter cake, and we cannot recommend the idea of making a chocolate cake with orange frosting highly enough. Perfect combo if we do say so. Recipe here.

Zombie finger cookies

Totally gross but also super irresistible, these little zombie fingers are based on the digits of one of films best undead characters - Billy from Hocus Pocus! Which reminds us - is it time to put on the scary flicks yet? Recipe here.

Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin cookies

Let's be honest: Halloween is just a countdown to when it's appropriate to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat again and sing along to all the songs. So even if you haven't got any plans this October 31st that stretch much further that howling along to 'This Is Halloween' then these Jack Skellington pumpkin cookies will still be necessary. Try 'em out here.

Shrunken heads in spiced apple cider

Now this is cool. This spiced apple cider is just crying out to be the centrepiece of your spooky food extravaganza. Whether you're making it for a kid's party or one for adults, it can easily be adapted with a simple splash of spiced rum. And those shrunken heads are sure to freak out even the biggest Halloween sceptics. Try it here.

Brain blood clot cupcakes

Brain blood clot cupcakes doesn't sound like the most appetising of sweet treats, but the hefty helping of buttercream and a dollop of sweet strawberry jam in the middle will soon have people forgetting the grotesque name of these delicious cakes. Try them out here.

Spider web pretzels

Yeah, these look awesome but here's a warning: these are reeeally hard to fit in your mouth all at once, no matter how hard you try. But we appreciate the effort. The chocolate combined with the slight saltiness of the pretzel complements each other perfectly which, we know is not something you're too bothered about when planning Halloween treats, but the contrasting flavours are definitely an added bonus. Get the recipe here.

Have you got any other recipes that are great for Halloween? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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