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Fruits at a glance

The World's First Avocado Bar Has Opened And We Want To Avo-go

First came the world's first avocado restaurant in the form of the highly-hyped Avocado Show in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but our American neighbours have upped the ante by opening...

Pretty Pitaya: The Latest Breakfast Trend You Need To Try Right Now

It used to be that we’d strategically place slices of juicy orange mango, bright golden green kiwi, honey-hued bee pollen and the passionate red of strawberries to cover the...

The A-Z of aphrodisiac foods

Food and sex can be a really erotic mix. Here's all the aphrodisiac foods to take your Valentine's day meal up a notch.

Strawberry recipes: Summer recipes with strawberries

Indulgent and delicious - it's time to stock up on seasonal strawberries and get cooking.

Spring recipes

Delicious spring recipes for sweet and savoury tastebuds...

Healthy snack recipes

You're feeling peckish but don't want to pig out - so reach for some homemade healthy snacks. Check out these tasty low cal recipes for guilt free nibbles.

Calories in fruits

Rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres, fruits are highly recommended for good health. Nevertheless, they have their fair share of calories, with some fruits containing far more...

Graze box review: Healthy snacking at work

If you're feeling peckish at work swap your crisps and chocolate for healthy snacks. Or let Graze do all the hard work for you. Here's why we heart Graze boxes...

Melon recipes: easy summer melon recipes

We love melons on soFeminine (have you seen our forums?!) and the summer is the perfect time to get your melons out at the dinner table!

Ginger recipes: Zesty recipes with ginger

Add some zest to your cooking with these delicious ginger recipes from Rachel's...

Laithwaite - how Tony Laithwaite built a wine empire

Laithwaite is the biggest name in wines. But do you know the full story? Read about the humble beginnings of Britain's most famous wine brand

100% fruit crumbles

Discover some inventive crumble recipes guaranteed to impress your guests, along with some childhood classics.

Phil Vickery’s caramel apple crumble

Apples are in season in the autumn - but we can get them all year round - treat yourself to an autumnal caramel apple crumble with this Phil Vickery recipe

Summer recipes from Loyd Grossman

Stuck for recipe ideas for summer meals? How about trying one of these lovely fresh recipes from Loyd Grossman? Impress your friends or your family with any of these easy recipes...

Food fit for champions

The World Cup isn't just about football - it also gives the enterprising foodie reason to indulge in a global gastronomic odyssey. As England began their tournament campaign with...

Summer desserts: Rachel's recipes for summer

These light fresh desserts will finish off summer dinners perfectly...

Phil Vickery’s Chocolate Brownies

This month Phil shows us how to make deliciously indulgent chocolate brownies. Another great recipe for impressing your friends or to be given as a homemade gift...

Smoothie does it! A healthy new trend

Make the most of summer and get into the latest health trend with our smoothie recipes.

Pouring yogurt and muesli - it's love

Pouring yogurt is our new favourite way to start the day...

Cook fresh!

Test your fruit and veg knowledge and get our tips on eating more of the good stuff, the fun way!