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You Can Now Try Rachel's Thanksgiving Beef Trifle From Friends For Yourself

by Pascale Day ,
You Can Now Try Rachel's Thanksgiving Beef Trifle From Friends For Yourself© weheartit.com

As all Friends fans will know, Rachel's Thanksgiving beef trifle in 'The One Where Ross Got High' will go down in history as one of the best food blunders, and will forever be a pop culture reference point for people who are just terrible at cooking. But now, Rachel's dinner/dessert concoction has been recreated IRL, and it might actually be edible enough to enjoy...

To refresh your memory, Rachel Green's one foray into cooking during the ten seasons of Friends turned into an accidental culinary portmanteau of an english trifle and Shepherd's Pie due to a sticky pages sitch, and featuring an eclectic mix of ladyfingers, a layer of jam, custard (which she made from scratch), raspberries, more ladyfingers, beef sautéed with peas and onions, more custard, sliced banana and whipped cream. Sounds delicious, right?


Whilst not a disgusting dessert to some - Joey managed to enjoy everyone's serving on their behalf - to most it was a disaster that they'd rather not try again. But now, some foodie people over at Food and Wine have attempted the impossible and put together a recipe for Rachel's pudding that is actually tasty.

But if you're wondering how exactly you can throw sweet jam, vanilla custard and mince together to make something even slightly edible, they've got some handy tricks up their sleeve: see, it looks like a horrible mix of sweet and savoury, but really it's an all all-savoury dish. You simply swap out the banana for parsnip chips, cornbread for the ladyfingers, roasted beetroot for the raspberries and cranberry jelly for a sweeter jam. The recipe also calls for truffle-infused whipped cream, but honestly? We're still a little bit unsure of how well whipped cream will sit on top of a dinner. Hey - as long as it doesn't taste like feet.

Whilst we can't comment on the taste, the end product is a dinner that looks exactly like Ms Green's concoction, and that's worth major nostalgia points with your mates if nothing else.

This isn't the only Thanksgiving food from Friends that has been recreated recently: last week Oliver Babish, AKA Andrew Rea, took Ross's "moistmaker" sandwich recipe and turned into a very real, very delicious looking snack. Both of these recipes come just in time: Rachel's beefy trifle for Thanksgiving, and Ross's moistmaker to make good use of all those leftovers post-Christmas day. We recommend you make both of these dishes, because it'll make your buddies love dinner at your house, but each for very different reasons.


Are you going to be giving either of these recipes a go? Let us know how it goes! @sofeminineUK

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