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You Can Now Buy Rose Gold Shimmer To Put In Your Prosecco And It Is So Extra

by Lareese Craig ,
You Can Now Buy Rose Gold Shimmer To Put In Your Prosecco And It Is So Extra

Putting your prosecco pinkies in the air just got even fancier. Lakeland are now selling raspberry flavoured rose gold shimmer to make sure your bubbles are poppin' as bright as your highlighter. And we're not afraid to admit, we need it.

Birthdays, engagements, conscious uncoupling, Thursdays - whatever the occasion, nothing brings us girls together quite like a fancy flute (or ten) of prosecco. And if it's bottomless, then there's really no hope for that poor, unfortunate Uber driver.

So when we heard Lakeland are selling the equivalent of mermaid glitter for our favourite sparkling wine, we couldn't help but add a few jars of the stuff to our basket, you know, for good measure.

The shimmering pink powder is essentially edible glitter, but instead of sinking to the bottom of your glass it swirls around turning your bubbles a delightful rose gold hue. Take. That. Champers.

The fancy flakes fill your drink with the subtle taste of raspberry while ensuring that you and your bubbles are positively glowing all night. They even come with little heart shaped pieces of gold leaf too, which officially means our prosecco is brighter than our future.

The kitchenware chain also sell flavoured 'Popaballs' which look a bit like a cross between Bubbletea balls and a lava lamp - pre drinks just got way more extra than we ever imagined. Loving your work, Lakeland!

If you fancy adding a touch of sparkle to your prosecco, your mocktail or your cocktail, you can get your hands on a jar of Popaball Raspberry Shimmer here.

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Lareese Craig
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