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Stop Everything! Reese's Have Got A New Cookie Stuffed Peanut Butter Cup Recipe & We Can't Act Cool About It

by Lareese Craig ,
Stop Everything! Reese's Have Got A New Cookie Stuffed Peanut Butter Cup Recipe & We Can't Act Cool About It

There's only one thing we like better than food, and that's food stuffed inside other food, Russian nesting dolls in food format, if you will. Luckily, those taste-tingling geniuses over at Reese's are about to bless us with one such nesting doll Hershey's hybrid. Say hello to the cookie stuffed peanut cup. Uh huh, we know, we feel it too.

Picture this: you pick up a packet of Reese's cups on your way home from work and stuff them into the free tote bag you got with your Birchbox subscription. You've had a shocker of a day - someone sat on your hair on the tube and no water has passed your lips since 7am due to 1316617 meetings and phone calls about other meetings and phone calls you're having next week. You get home and faff round a bit, sit and stare at Kylie Jenner mouthing Tyga's lyrics into her Snapchat and caressing her hair and you start to think, what even is life? Then you cut the deep sh*t and realise you forgot all about that little bag of legendary peanut butter goodness kicking about in the bottom of your bag. But this legendary pack of peanut butter dynamite is different - it's good different, it's crunchy and light and.... THERE IS COOKIE BITS IN MY REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUP!!!! (Sorry, apparently we're a bit excited about the new recipe.)

That's right, as if Hershey's hadn't blessed us enough with their vessels of gooey peanut butter, they're about to give us an almighty foodgasm with the introduction of their new recipe. Drum. Roll. Please...

They're called Reese's Crunchy Cookie Cups and they're basically the same dreamy recipe as the original cups we know and love, only now they come stuffed with chocolate cookie bites too. What a time to be alive. And, before we get on to the sucky news (you know what's coming and no, we're obviously not talking about hefty calories, 'cos FOOD), there's something else you need to know about these cookie cups. They come in not one, but two sizes - yep, two. So if you want all the peanut butter in and around your mouth, then the king-size packet should satisfy every one of your tastebuds. Hubba-hubba.

And the elephant in the room? You guessed it. America gets all the good snacks first, so looks like we'll have to wait our turn for Reese's latest food innovation to hit UK shores. Oh but when they land, we'll be ready and waiting with our makeshift Metro bibs to catch any fugitive cookie crumbs, they'll see.

Are you patiently waiting for the UK release of Crunchy Cookie Cups? Get in line, sister! Let us know: @sofeminineUK

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Lareese Craig
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