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Wine-Infused Coffee Is A Thing And Now We Can All Die Happy

by Pascale Day ,
Wine-Infused Coffee Is A Thing And Now We Can All Die Happy© We Heart It

Want to get through a Monday morning with the taste of Friday on your tongue? Then this wine-coffee blend by Napa Valley wine company Molinari Private Reserve is going to be the beverage you'll be storing in every cupboard, drawer and handbag from now on.

There's always a tiredness that comes with a second glass of wine; a droopy-eyed sleepiness that you try and deny for as long as possible until your lids can withstand the weight no more and you just have to slip into an alcohol-induced catnap on the sofa.

Well, not anymore my friend. Because one company has invented the beverage combo from all our best dreams: wine-infused coffee. No more two-wines-tiredness syndrome! No more "you can't put alcohol in your coffee, it's 9am!" Just delicious coffee-wine that has all our vices covered in one warming cup.


The guys at Napa Valley's Molinari Private Reserve are responsible for creating our new favourite drink, which is the result of an experiment between them and Master Coffee Roaster, John Weaver, of Wild Card Roasters. They've been working hard for two years to give the people what they want, which happens to be wine-infused, rich, full bodied coffee with notes of blueberry. And, like any good wine, the cooler the coffee gets, the more it's able to breathe, and thus the tastier it is.

It's probably important to note that if you wanted to be more awake and more sloshed, then this mash-up isn't going to help much. Molinari Private Reserve state that although the drink has the flavour of a fine wine, it is ultimately alcohol free - but that means no next-day hangovers, which is pretty great.

If you'd like to try some of Molinari Private Reserve's wine-infused coffee, then you can buy it online for $19.95 (£16), which is a bargain for such a much-needed hybrid, if you ask us.

Would you like to try wine-infused coffee? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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