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This Chocolate Bar Is Proven To Improve Your Skin

by Rose Adams ,
This Chocolate Bar Is Proven To Improve Your Skin

So far we've been led to believe eating our way to perfect skin involves stuffing ten different types of greens into your NutriBullet and guzzling them down your gullet quicker than you can say 'five a day' but forget all that because now beautiful, glowing skin can be yours by eating chocolate. Don't believe us? Read on...

We're all aware of the old adage rules when it comes to getting #nofilter-worhty skin: drink eight pints of water every day, eat your five portions of fruit and veg, stock up on leafy greens and follow a strict skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising as if your life depends on it. And unfortunately with this knowledge, we also know the injustice that sugar equals spots. *sob*

So it's no wonder around Easter time when we're having a great time gorging on the sweet stuff, our skin will punish us for our temporary cocoa-based diet by breaking out and looking generally pretty meh. Thank goodness then for Esthechoc - the 'youth boosting smart chocolate' which defies science as it's actually good for your complexion.

The science behind the bar is that it doesn't raise insulin levels - unlike Cadbury's etc - and after 10 years of extensive research, it's been developed by scientists at Cambridge Chocolate Technologies (chocolate university? Sign us up!) as the world's first chocolate to protect the skin against oxidative damage - the complaint responsible for those pesky pimples.

Designed to offer strong health benefits and improve the skin, it contains the highly-concentrated natural antioxidants: polyphenols and astaxanthin - both of which have been proven to protect the skin. They also work wonders when it comes to reducing inflammation, boosting microcirculation and maintaining healthy oxygen levels which are the key ingredients for youthful-looking skin.

Costing £42.50​ for a 21-day supply they're definitely more of an investment than your average choccy of choice but it's a price we're prepared to pay for 'optimum skin health' while bidding farewell to those niggling, impossible-to-ignore chocolate cravings.

Would you trade in your favourite chocolate for this skin-friendly version? Let us know your thoughts @soFeminineUK

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