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Gin-Flavoured Ice Cream Is Here And We're Salivating At The Thought

by Rose Adams ,
Gin-Flavoured Ice Cream Is Here And We're Salivating At The Thought

What could be tastier than an ice-cold gin and tonic in the height of summer? Nothing tbh. But what if you could satisfy your G&T craving with a scoop of gin-flavoured ice cream? This is not a drill but in fact potentially the greatest booze-food hybrid yet. Tasty? Check. Instagram-worthy? Obviously.

When we finally reach August and it's hailing outside (just being realistic) there's one thing you can always rely on to bring a smile to your face, and that's our good old friend gin - they don't call it a spirit for nothing. From bitter break-ups to work stress, you can rely on a refreshing G&T to give you the necessary perk-me-up.

And because of this, we're always on the hunt for socially-acceptable ways to get our gin fix anywhere, any time of the day (case in point: the alcohol smuggling hairbush) and this time the gin gods have truly delivered. If you thought our obsession with this basic booze had peaked at gin flavoured Easter eggs, you ain't seen nothing yet. Giving us yet another reason why summer is the best season of all, meet the frosted treat we've all been waiting for: Gin & Tonic flavoured ice cream.

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Guaranteed to brighten up your (inevitably) rain-soaked summer, the latest flavour from Judes is every bit as refreshing as it sounds. Sold at Ocado and Waitrose, you can pick up a tub for a mere £1.85 which is less than your daily Starbucks.

While we're not suggesting you swap your caffeine fix for a gin one, a scoop of this is certainly going to get you less disapproving looks on your commute home than channelling your inner Girl On The Train and cracking open a gin in a tin. Just saying.

Now we really know the meaning behind the phrase: 'we all scream for ice cream!' Race you to the frozen aisle!

Are you eager to try out gin-flavoured ice cream or do you think it's booze-food hybrids gone mad? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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