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This Hairbrush That's Actually A Flask Will Change Your Life & Your Locks

by Rose Adams ,
This Hairbrush That's Actually A Flask Will Change Your Life & Your Locks

If a revolutionary boozy beauty hybrid gets you even more excited than the newest Ryan Gosling flick then 1) you're not alone and 2) prepare to meet your latest crush: the hairbrush flask, which makes smuggling your favourite tipple a doddle.

Hands up if you're guilty of ever trying to smuggle your favourite alcoholic bevvy into a club/festival/concert/other overpriced venue before? Yup thought so. Come on we've all done it once; disguising that hip flask at the bottom of your clutch as you stare up at the bouncer innocently, while praying they don't get you to open up and reveal your little secret. But thankfully, not that I'm in any way encouraging this type of behaviour, ahem, this new beauty invention could make drinking on the go a whole lot easier.

Meet the booze smuggling hairbrush, AKA the 'hairbursh flask'. Available on Prezzybox, it's the beauty hack invention so genius and so simple, we never knew we needed it. Until now. We thought we had found the holy grail of transporting booze on the sly in the form of the wine handbag, but this little gem is certainly a strong contender for the title.

Simply unscrew the lid at the end and fill the handle with your beverage of choice. Though the flask is bought to us by a company who goes by the namesake Smuggle Your Booze, Inc. this brush doesn't actually have to be used for alcohol. Holding up to six ounces, you could in theory, fill it with any liquid you choose - Diet Coke, chocolate sauce, (does Nutella count as a liquid?) you get the gist, although I do suggest you bear in mind the potential clean up process of said alternatives which could leave it a little sticky. Ergh.

A gift perfect for the office secret santa? Yes. A life hack so clever that you will also be buying one for yourself? Hell yes. And remember friends, always *brush* responsibly.

What do you think of this clever hairbrush? Let us know @SoFeminineUK!

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Rose Adams
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