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The Best Festival Fashion Inspo To Make You Say Coachella-yeah

by Rose Adams ,
The Best Festival Fashion Inspo To Make You Say Coachella-yeah

While the likes of hot fash-pack members Kendall, Cara and Gigi are in annual attendance at Coachella, we weep for every year we haven't made it to the gig line. Which is every year. And a lot of salty discharge. Naturally they all look effortlessly hot while they're having the time of their lives *sniff* But if like us, you're not lucky enough to be there IRL, fear not, cos we've got all the inspo you need to play pretend festival dress up here.

Ah Coachella. The festival of dreams. It makes us want to scream 'Coachella-ella-ella-eh' Rihanna Umbrella style. With the backdrop of palm trees and California sunshine, it defo beats a muddy weekend in Reading *sigh*.

One of the things we love most about this super cool festival is that anything goes when it comes to the get-up. In any ordinary setting, the style pieces would be pretty spicy but in the spirit of Coachella, there's no such things as too much. Take the glittery tattoo for example, or the excuse to wear all crochet errrythang, or of course erm, space buns.

Here we've rounded up the best Coachella looks from the ladies who can pull off boho chic in their goddamn sleep. In fact, they give resident queen Vanessa Hudgens a run for her money. We know, it's a big claim.

Even if you're not living the Cali dream in real life, you'll find all the inspo you need to dress like you are right here!

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