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This Wine Inspired Makeup Line Is Exactly What We Need

by Rose Adams ,
This Wine Inspired Makeup Line Is Exactly What We Need

If makeup and wine top the list of things that drain all of your wages each month, first of all: snap! and second of all prepare to meet your newest obsession combining both of those life pleasures. Intrigued? Us too! Bottoms. Up.

Things that looks like other things seems to be becoming a bit of a trend recently. First there was penis shaped soap, then vagina shaped necklaces, now allow me to introduce antother (albeit less risque) and way more practical hybrid: makeup that's shaped like wine. Yes you read that right, two of the best things in life have come together in a beautiful partnership that's almost as good as John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

The brains behind the bottle is Korean brand Labiotte have bought us what we never knew we needed: tinted wine bottle lipsticks. Available in shades Malbec Burgundy, Pinot Red, Cabernet Red and Sauternes Red, they have a smudge tip applicator hidden inside the cap for blending, 'cos no one likes a blurred line.

Also part of their range are moisterising wine lip tints that dye the lips with a bold colour that resembles quality wine, (and contains ACTUAL wine extracts). But it's not just red wine stained lips, Labiotte have also added a wine bottle shaped mascara too, and yes you guessed it, the lid doubles up as the wand. We.can't.even.

Check 'em out below:

All these cute AF products are part of a line aptly named 'the wine collection' which gives a whole new meaning to getting lipstick on your glass. The lipstick colours range from pale pink to a pretty coral shade. They're also said to smell like berries which is always a bonus - our fave reds do come with fruity notes after all!

You can get them now from Labiotte, but we've scoured the 'net and found them on Amazon and memebox too. I'll be purchasing mine asap, 'cos it sure looks better to be applying this on my morning commute rather than cracking open a bottle of vino.

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