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Bubble Brows Are The Latest Brow Trend Bursting Onto Instagram & We're Here For It

by Rose Adams ,
Bubble Brows Are The Latest Brow Trend Bursting Onto Instagram & We're Here For It

It feels like the product on our brows barely has a chance to dry before Instagram goes and brings us a new trend to replace it, and so is the case today. Meet bubble brows: the latest barmy look blowing up (sorry) our feeds courtesy of yet another makeup artist more talented than us. Who'd ever thought we'd be changing our eyebrows as often as we change our pants, aye?

If you've spent your precious weekends mastering both the squiggle and braided brows, then firstly, we admire your dedication to Instagram, and secondly, er, sorry to break it to you but there's already a new look here to take their crown. Yup, it's time to attack those caterpillars with micellar water, stock up on the brow powder and start afresh because intricate bubble brows are here to put all the looks that have gone before it in the shade.

A post shared by mєηαl.κhαη (@ikhaniic) on Sep 5, 2017 at 2:57pm PDT

Makeup artist Menal Khan from Toronto is the artist behind the bubble brows, and just like Huda Khan's infamous 'McDonalds brow' this look is just for lols rather than serious makeup goals. But is that gonna stop us trying it out? Of course not.

Nineties kids will be delighted to know the inspo for this look wasn't a celebrity or a fellow makeup artist but in fact er, Pokemon. Cartoon geeks will know the serpent-like shape of the 'Wild Onyx' character from the childhood-defining anime cartoon, was the muse for this look, and here's the proof:

She's shared the eye-catching design on her Instagram with her 10k followers, captioning it: "Saw everyone doing such cute, creative eyebrow looks like the 'braided brows'. I wanted to make my own version: 'The Bubble Brow... needless to say it ended up looking like literal sh*t. This is all for fun/jokes guys!"

We say don't be so hard on yourself Menal, IMHO your bubble-brow design is nowhere near as gross as the penis brow variety.

While bubbles bring back fond memories of our youth running through the park blowing them through a plastic wand, and ending up with very matted hair as a result, we never thought they'd ever make their way into our beauty routines all these years later.

But it's not just our faces where they're popping up (sorry), the soapy circles have also been the muse for our hair too in the form of pretty bubble braids.

Better buy your pencils in bulk if you've any hope of keeping up beauty fans!

Will you be giving bubble brows a go? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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