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Crumbs! Breadcrumb Brows Are Here And They're Making Us Feel Weird

by Rose Adams ,
Crumbs! Breadcrumb Brows Are Here And They're Making Us Feel Weird

Breadcrumb eyebrows. Not exactly two words you would ever expect to see in the same sentence but this is 2017 and this is where we're at. The following images may evoke the following feelings: 1. nausea and 2. hunger. The jury's out on this one...

Forget all the effort, time and tools needed to create feather brows, dragon brows and the especially creative brow carving because all you really need to get your facial caterpillars on point is a 50p Tesco Value loaf. Well, that's according to make up artist Sara Engel who's behind the barmy breadcrumb brow. Joining chocolate nails in the 'edible beauty' archives, we're just here wondering when the madness will stop.

Sara's smothered her brows and eyelashes in breadcrumbs before setting with clear brow gel to create an interesting, ethereal look and we're not entirely sure why. We imagine this was created purely for experimental, creative purposes with the hope of racking up likes on Instagram, rather than an attempt to start a new trend because I'm not sure this one will catch on any time soon. Just a hunch (or should I say brunch?)

A post shared by Sara Engel (@thesaraengel) on Apr 2, 2017 at 9:27pm PDT

The MUA says she began this look with the goal of creating glitter brows but the breadcrumbs ended up calling her name and leading her to the kitchen instead. I mean, I get distracted from important tasks by food on a daily basis too, so I can totally relate, but this look is taking me back to the days of my childhood catching conjunctivitis from the communal swimming pool and that's something I'm not entirely cool with to be honest.

Our verdict? Think we'll be saving the bread for sandwiches and feeding the hungry ducks at the park rather than our precious brows.

Will you be trying out breadcrumb brows? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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