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Eyebrow Wigs Are Now A Thing And We Actually Want To Try Them

by Rose Adams ,
Eyebrow Wigs Are Now A Thing And We Actually Want To Try Them

We will stop at nothing for bold Cara D-inspired eyebrows. Microblading? Been there. Eyebrow stamp? Done that. But allow us to introduce something we've yet to try: eyebrow wigs. Yep, wigs for your facial features but are they a genius innovation or will they leave you looking like Sandy Cohen from The OC? Here's everything you need to know.

As I lose yet another morning to filling in what remains of my once-full eyebrows, I routinely curse Gwen Stefani for making pencil thin brows cool in the midst of her No Doubt phase. But if you thought the trend for bold, bushy brows would be as short lived as coloured mascara, I hate to break it to you - they're here to stay.

And so the search continues for new ways to achieve them. Well move over microblading because there's yet another new eyebrow craze designed to transform us into Cara Delevingne in an instant. Meet eyebrow wigs. Yes you read that right, wigs for your eyebrows. It may sound like the beauty world has gone mad but stay with us.

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Championed by beauty fans on Instagram and Youtube, eyebrow wigs allow you to effectively turn back the clock and regain those thick brows you so eagerly plucked out in your teenage years. You're probably wondering if they look realistic, right? Well the surprising answer is yes actually. They are made with real hair so as long as they're applied properly, no one need ever know your secret.

See for yourself:


They're the perfect temporary fix if you're growing back brows after an over plucking disaster, or if you've lost your brows to other conditions such as Alopecia. You could even rock them for a special occasion when nothing less than a bold brow will do.

Do you dare get wiggy with it? Share your selfies with us @soFeminineUK

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