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Gwen Stefani's Beauty Evolution: Her Most Memorable Looks!

by Pascale Day ,
Gwen Stefani's Beauty Evolution: Her Most Memorable Looks!© Getty Images

If there's one thing you need to know about Gwen Stefani, it is this: Gwen Stefani is a beauty chameleon. Doesn't matter when, doesn't matter how, Ms Stefani can completely change her look using just a curling tong and a smattering of red lipstick. The Gwen Stefani we know and love is never the same from one year to the next - which is why it's oh-so important for us to look over her beauty evolution (and take notes obviously).

One thing in this life is sure: change is constant - a saying that Gwen Stefani has surely embraced. Her transition from nu-rave punk to blonde bombshell to Harajuku Girl to tomboy chic is seamless. Think about it: Ms Stefani is one of the only celebrities who can go from the girl covering her forehead in a million bindis ​and dyeing her hair blue to oozing old school1920s glamour and no one really bats an eyelid. Her beauty look is interchangeable but somehow fluid, changing from one to the other without feeling out of place. It feels natural for her to try out completely different looks - all of which suit her, all of which we subsequently try, and fail, to copy - from one year to the next. Plus, we're pretty sure Gwen rocked the flower headband way before Snapchat made it cool.

But Gwen does rely on some continuity when it comes to her beauty regime, and that comes in the form of a red lip and a peroxide blonde mane. Whether it's a deep oxblood red, or has an orangey hue, or even - back in the 90s - has an ombre effect stemming from a particularly dark liner, the red lipstick is a constant for Stefani. The same applies for her blonde barnet: Whether it's partially dyed black or curled a la Marilyn Monroe, the Gwen Stefani we know and love will always have that recognisable 'do.

Take a look at Gwen Stefani's beauty evolution below, and tell us at which point you realised that she is a beautiful vampire that never ages:

© Getty Images
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