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These Are The Must-Have Beauty Products For 2017

by Pascale Day ,
These Are The Must-Have Beauty Products For 2017

When it comes to January, most people make ambitious aims for the year ahead. Travel the world, tone up, try new foods. Our resolution is a lot simpler: try all of these gorgeous beauty products. Yes, predictions are in for what's going to be huge this year.

  1. · Face Roller
  2. · Beauty Steam
  3. · Panasonic 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Brush
  4. · Dermaroller
  5. · Matte Liquid Lipstick
  6. · Eyeliner Stamp

It's a shared opinion among most that January is the worst. Literally, the worst. It's cold, it's grey, and Christmas is over. But let's look to the future, shall we? Because there's plenty coming up on the beauty horizon, and it's looking pretty sunny. As can be expected, the more beauty obsessed we get the weirder the products seem to be, but there's a fair few that we can get on board with in 2017, because hey - if they're good enough for Kim K, they're good enough for us, right?

This year, the beauty focus seems to be more on what you do to your skin rather than what you put on it. Skincare is the fundamental key to a good beauty regime - the care you take with your skin means the healthier it's going to look and your makeup will sit better. But once you've got your face all steamy and dreamy, then you can crack out the cosmetics! And in 2017, it's all about makeup for the lazy gal. Check out our faves below:

Face Roller

We all know that if we want to find the latest beauty trick, we need to look over to our friends in East Asia. They just know makeup. This face roller is made from pure Jade, an ornamental rock often used in Chinese medicine to expel toxins from the body. The idea of this Yu Ling face roller is to use it across your face, neck and décolletage to encourage blood flow, reducing puffiness and plumping out wrinkles. And the best bit? In cleansing your skin of toxins it'll get rid of those pesky spots that always plague our chin and jawline. Plus, if you're prone to a sore head after a night out, pop your roller in the fridge and roll over your temples, face and neck - your hangover will thank you for it.

Beauty Steam

Steaming your face is great for opening up your pores and releasing all the dirt that's held within your skin - and it's super relaxing. But y'know what's more relaxing than a facial steam? When that steam smells like a flowerbed in full bloom. SkinOwl's Beauty Steam looks like potpourri, but is anything but ornamental. A sprinkle of this in your water will enhance your steam with its concoction of detoxifying petals that include chamomile, rose, lavender and rosemary. And honestly? If you've come purely for the calming scent we can't blame you. Just try not to fall asleep face-deep in a steamer, ok?

Panasonic 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Brush

To the untrained eye, Panasonic's latest beauty invention might look like a fairly normal exfoliation brush, but once you work out how it really works it'll change up your evening beauty ritual for the better. See, one on end of the device is the brush - no big deal, right? - but at the other end is a warming plate that's designed to help remove your makeup. In placing the heated plate on your face before you've taken off your makeup, it warms the skin and loosens the makeup for an easier and more gentle removal. Then you can swivel the device and move onto the brush, which you can use all over your face to finish with the last few traces of makeup and to cleanse the skin. And finally, if you're after a really thorough routine, you can replace the head with the Pore Focus Brush, which specifically targets the pores around your T-zone. "Where can I get one! TAKE ALL MY MONEY!" I hear you scream. Well ladies, this product is brand spanking new for 2017, and you can pick one up here.


If you're a fan of the mantra "no pain, no gain", you're going to love the dermaroller. If you're a bit squeamish, go and make yourself a tea or something. A dermaroller is kind of like a Yu Ling face roller, only instead of spreading the feeling of cooling jade over your skin, you're rolling loads of teeny tiny spikes over your face instead. Yikes! If you have the treatment completed in a clinic, the dermatologist will use longer needles and therefore apply anesthetic cream to your skin first. But a dermaroller for home use, like this one from Epiderma 5, boasts a needle size of 0.25mm, and so is safe and easy to use without the need for numbing cream. The fine needles gently "injure" the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin in order to make your skin look full and youthful. And if celeb fan Kim Kardashian's skin is anything to go by, the results look pretty damn good.

Matte Liquid Lipstick

Matte lipsticks have been around for a while now and we all know that nothing can replace the heavyweight champion of all matte lipstick Ruby Woo. But now liquid lipsticks are having their turn in the spotlight. Burberry is the latest beauty brand to promote their matte liquid lippy with a little help from Jude Law and Sadie Frost's 16-year-old daughter Iris. But it isn't just the gorgeous face of Ms Law that's selling the product - liquid matte cosmetics seem to be taking off in a big way this year, most likely due to easy application and the fact that it does not budge. Seriously. liquid lipstick really has staying power.

Eyeliner Stamp

@c_dunk 's INK.STAMP.VAMP #wingedeyeliner #eyeliner #wings

A video posted by The Vamp Stamp® (@the_vampstamp) on Oct 16, 2016 at 9:39pm PDT

In October 2016 we wrote about a new makeup tool that was finally going to put an end to all the hours we spend trying to even out our eyeliner flicks. The Vamp Stamp is a double-ended pen (the ends corresponding to each eye) that, once dipped in eyeliner, will give you the perfect cat eye every time. The enigmatic product is yet to go on sale but is now available for preorder, which is possibly a sign that it'll be on its way to fans at some point this year. We're pretty eager to get our hands on one - think how much extra time we could have in bed if we weren't faffing around with our flicks!

What products are you using in 2017? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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