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This New Make-up Stamp Means You No Longer Need to Wing Your Eyeliner Skills

by Helen Turnbull ,
This New Make-up Stamp Means You No Longer Need to Wing Your Eyeliner Skills© Weheartit

Can you hear that? It's the sound of women everywhere breathing a collective sigh of relief as our wonky-eyeliner woes have been solved all thanks to a humble stamp. The makeup tool - which is soon to be released - literally stamps flawless feline flicks onto your outer eyes, banishing lopsided lines and uneven eyes forever. Yas!

Beauty trends come and go but we reckon this latest invention is here to stay and could even rival the famous beautyblender (it was actually created by its soon-to-be rival's co-founder), at least for the makeup-artistry challenged among us, myself included.

Lopsided lines and uneven eyes are soon to be a thing of the past as independent beauty brand 'Vamp Stamp' have invented the makeup brush that we never knew we needed - one that gives you perfect Adele-like cat eyes every time with just one simple action, spelling the end of bad eyeliner days from now until the end of time. Rejoice!

The inky, double-ended (each corresponding to each eye) pen will make makeup artists out of us all if its Instagram debut is anything to go by. The social-media snippets show just how easy it is to wing it with this handy hack as the MUA model is seen holding the stamp at her desired angle before simply pressing it onto the edge of her eye and ta-da - perfect feline flicks in seconds.

While the Vamp Stamp will answer the prayers of women everywhere, it was first invented when the brand's founder - MUA Veronica - lost the use of her hands due to a 'benign cervical tumor', its Facebook page states. The post continued: "This solution is made with love and strength for anyone who needs a little extra support accomplishing complicated make-up looks, for ANY reason. Don't let anyone - or anything - take your Vamp away #wingit with us."

Vamp Stamp will roll out the tool in two sizes but they are remaining tight-lipped on the price and exact release date. *sob* Rumour has it it'll be hitting shelves in two-three months. Here's hoping!

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Helen Turnbull
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