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53 Of The Funniest Beauty Memes That Will Make Every Make-up Lover LOL

by Rose Adams Published on 27/08/2016 at 09:00
53 Of The Funniest Beauty Memes That Will Make Every Make-up Lover LOL

We thank the internet every day for blessing us with one of its greatest gifts. No we're not talking about Missguided, but relatable, laugh out loud beauty memes. Cos few things in this life have the power to make us laugh quite like a meme that's 'so you', right?

Gone are the days when Instagram was just full of avocado on toast, blurry selfies and #ootd, it's now awash with LOL worthy, super relatable 'so us' memes we can all take comfort from. Then tag all our friends in and say 'that's us' of course. When I think about all the things the internet has given us in life - Google Maps, Ebay, Facebook... there still ain't nothing that quite beats a LOL worthy meme.

Perfectly summing up every makeup and hair debacle we face: from perfecting the perfect winged eye liner and avoiding clumpy mascara, to making sure our brows are even. And that's before we even get to hair. These beauty themed memes just get it. Here's 53 of our faves.

Share your fave beauty memes with us @SofeminineUK.

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