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15 Types Of People We All Have On Facebook

by Rose Adams ,
15 Types Of People We All Have On Facebook© Weheartit

Love them or loathe them, all you gotta take is one scroll of your newsfeed and we guarantee you'll spot these types of users in your friends list. From the over sharer to the self promoter, we've tried to bring ourselves to do a good old fashioned culling but they're just too entertaining. Ladies and gents we give you, 15 types of people we've all got on Facebook...

Ever since our little ol' friend Facey B came into our lives just a few years ago, we've been one hundred percent obsessed. From stalking our high school crushes, okay stalking everyone in our friends list, to posting embarrassing drunken snaps and birthday collages, it's our go-to for keeping in the social loop. Cos if it isn't on Facebook can you really say it happened?

​We have to admit we don't know where we would be without it now. Like, how would we ever remember our friends' birthdays, for one? But it's the interesting characters in our FB sphere that really make it, well, interesting. From the ones with serious cases of TMI, to the ones who love to boast (you're rich, we get it) here are the 15 types of people we've all got on the site. And so the question remains: to cull or not to cull?

1. The Cringey Family Member

You totally forget you have them as a friend so you post an embarrassing video of you face planting without a second thought. Until they write an unwanted comment that is, and then you remember they've also seen a whole lot more embarrassing sh*t, including that vid of you pole dancing on your Malia girls holiday in 2009. Oops.

2. The Silent Stalker

You can spot one of these a mile off by the obvious lack of their own posts. Yep, the silent stalker is only ever interested in what everyone else is up to instead. Which means you can't stalk them back.

3. The Politics Obsessive

Enjoys sharing posts about their fave political party, and statuses like 'So who are we all voting for in the EU referendum?' expecting to start their very own political debate. Takes no shame in telling you why they disagree with your views, yeah that type, aka the absolute WORST.



4. The Boaster

This one only ever posts about their new iPhone 20, the 7th Michael Kors watch they just had to get their lucky mitts on or the free happy Herbalife holiday they're going on. Again. Doesn't it make you sick. Jealous, us? Never!

5. The Fitness Freak

Congratulations you've completed another workout and feel 'on top of the world ' after ya fat free smoothie this morning. We hate to break it to you, but a workout can still happen if you don't post about it on Facebook. Just sayin'.

6. The Oversharer

If you're guilty of oversharing, then listen up. Call us heartless but we really could have gone without being told you leaked on your period today. We're sure it was highly embarrassing, but some things really should be kept off Facebook. Please. Don't make us beg.



7. The Re-Sharer

Spends their time sharing mildly amusing posts a hundred times a day.

8. The Gusher

Grab your sick buckets, cos the gusher has just been wined and dined again by 'bae', and she wants you to know about it. Favours captioning her pics such as: 'Isn't he just the cutest?!' Well no, actually. Enough with the #boydidgood posts, our stomachs can't take any more.

9. The Proud Parent

Yet another photo of your little one, great. We kept up with the scan photos, growing bump snap every month, and we loved seeing photos of Ralph when he was first born, but if he eats a chocolate button all on his own, that ain't news.



10. The Well Travelled One

They check in every time they visit somewhere new to give you wanderlust envy as you sit at your sweaty desk, even though it's somewhere so exotic you probs won't have even heard of it *eye roll*

11. The Book Worm

Using Facebook to post a stream of educational sh*t and probably correcting your grammar at the same time. ​Your means your, you're means you are. MmmmK?!

12. The Vain One

Oh look, they've posted another (identical) selfie. Now that we've seen them from every angle possible, we could definitely draw them from memory with our eyes closed.



13. The Self Promoter

Yes, Facebook can make a great self promotion tool, but we're begging you to lay off the constant posts - we've already liked and shared your company page, we swear!

14. The Raver

The raver is always the first to check out the newest club that's opened. They know all the best places to go, cos they spend so much time out #YOLO -ing of course. Also guilty of giving us FOMO every weekend.

15. The Humanitarian

Using Facebook to share every 'save the earth' post they've ever seen, as well as all those god awful PETA videos about how pigs are killed and what really goes on in McDonalds. Thanks for making us all feel like bacon lovin' murderers.



What type of Facebook user do you find most annoying? Let us know @SofeminineUK!

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