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Your Dream Lipsticks Have Just Dropped and They're The Prettiest Things We've Ever Seen

by Rose Adams ,
Your Dream Lipsticks Have Just Dropped and They're The Prettiest Things We've Ever Seen© Kailijumeri Cosmetics Instagram

It's time for your inner lipstick junkie to rejoice and thank the cosmetic gods above, cos they've just blessed us with lippies that have ACTUAL flowers inside. Yup, they look as if they've just been pinched from the set of a Disney film and we.can't.cope.

What do you want in a lipstick? Moisture, rich colour and staying power? Come on, let's be honest here - what we really want, is for it to look as cool AF in our make-up bags and on our Insta, right? Well say no more and let us introduce you to Kailijumei's insane jelly lipsticks, AKA our current beauty obsession. Made from ACTUAL flowers, we're pretty sure lipsticks don't come any prettier than this.

As you can imagine, these majestic beauties have taken the internet (specifically Instagram) by storm, and with good reason. Made from a combination of jelly, golden speckles, and a tiny, delicate flower placed in the centre, these lippies look as if they've just landed straight from Alice in Wonderland's dressing table.

These glass-like gems come in three different colours, with a magic feature: the lipstick appears to be clear, but deliver a pop of colour when on your smackers. Basically what happens is when the dye inside the lippie ('Red 27') comes into contact with the moisture on your lips, then the change in ph causes it to turn light pink. Impressive stuff, huh? Now that's a science lesson we're all ears for.

They come in three different shades: Flame Red with a poppy like bloom inside, Barbie Doll Powder with a pink flower that does actually remind us of the Barbie logo, and Minute Maid, which is indeed orange like the popular brand of juice sharing it's namesake. FYI the names of the lippies refer to the colours of the flowers inside, rather than the lipsticks themselves.

Just like Kylie Jenner's lip kits before them, (which we're starting to think are actually imaginary, they're that hard to get hold of) unfortunately for us these magical lipsticks are currently all sold out (wah) but are available to pre order here. The good news is they are also being sold on Ebay too. Every cloud!

One thing's for sure, if we do manage to get our mitts on one, we for sure won't be using it, we'll sure as hell be framing it or putting it on the mantlepiece to pour over on a daily basis.

What do you think of these lipsticks? Tweet us @SofeminineUK!

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