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Super Easy Halloween Makeup For People Who Aren't Forward Planners

by Pascale Day ,
Super Easy Halloween Makeup For People Who Aren't Forward Planners© youtube/Danielle Mansutti

Some of us plan waaay in advance to get our Halloween looks just right. Others, not so much. But that's ok - not everyone is as mentally prepared for Halloween as we are, and that's fine. Halloween can be expensive when you could easily shove on something black, raid your makeup bag and get an equally good outfit without breaking the bank. Which is why, if you're looking at this half an hour before your Halloween party's due to start we're here to save you with some super easy makeup ideas.

  1. · Cat
  2. · Clockwork orange
  3. · Black Swan
  4. · Pirates of the caribbean
  5. · Spider web
  6. · Skeleton
  7. · Mermaid
  8. · Vampire
  9. · Morticia
  10. · Mime

Halloween isn't everyone's bag. We don't understand you people, but we're trying real hard to. I mean, so you don't plan your outfit months in advance, that's fine! Really, really fine!! We're not panicking for you that it's Halloween next week and you still haven't Amazon-ed a costume yet. You're just last minute and we're totally digging that laid-back vibe! Don't let these exclamations fool you we're totally chill when it comes to this kinda stuff!

But, dear reader, we care about you, and we don't want you having a Halloween-induced panic attack because it's two hours before the big party and all you have to work with is some liquid eyeliner and a pair of tights. So grab yourself a drink and check out these easy makeup tutorials to save halloween.


Lazy gurls pay attention, cos it don't come much easier than the cat tutorial. The great thing about the cat costume is you can commit to it as much as you want. Just want a couple of whiskers and a cute nose? Done. Wanna make your face fully feline? No problem. Check out the tutorial below and take it to whatever level you fancy.


Clockwork orange

A Clockwork Orange's Alex is easy to emulate, all you need is one set of fake eyelashes, but stick 'em all on one eye. And you're done! Easy. Alternatively if you don't have a set of eyelashes to hand, go fetch that handy eyeliner and draw them on yourself. Or just coat one eye excessively in mascara. There's so many ways to do it! Finish it off with a bowler hat and a glass of milk and you're sorted - how long did that take? Five minutes? It's the dream!

Black Swan

Black Swan was THE Halloween look of 2011 - you couldn't pirouette without bumping into another sinister ballet dancer. But enough time has passed that you can bring the look back. All it takes is some pale foundation and a helluva lot of black eyeliner on your eyes. It looks complicated, but the great thing about it is that it doesn't need to be super neat, so if you're panicking at the time, it shouldn't affect the look of your makeup too much. Have a go below.


Pirates of the caribbean

This one is so easy, I think it might actually require zero effort. Y'know when you go and look in the mirror in the bathroom at work halfway through the day, and no one has told you that your mascara has smudged under your eyes? That's exactly the look you need. So just apply your usual makeup and wait. Or give your eyes a little rub in that way you do when you forget you have makeup on, and you're all like "Argh damnit! I just rubbed my eyes! My mascara! My eyeliner!" And voila! All you need after that is a pretty scarf to wrap across your forehead.

Alternatively, you could just follow this awesome tutorial, which you can copy as much or little as your supplies will allow.


Spider web

Yeah, not all of you are super committed to having a proper outfit. No problem. This spiderweb tutorial requires zero commitment and no effort at all. Lazy ladies rejoice!



A skeleton is the ultimate halloween makeup, but they don't exactly require top-notch makeup skills. And thank goodness for that, because by the time you get round to trying it out you might be at least three glasses of punch down. Have a go with this tutorial.



Yes, maybe this isn't as easy as, say, a cat, but the payoff is worth it and really, it doesn't take much more effort, we promise. If you have a penchant for colourful eyeshadows, this'll be right up your street. All you need is some shimmery, colourful eyeshadows and a pair of fishnets that you don't mind ruining. Easy peasy!



This isn't the dracula that your mum used to dress you up as when you were a nipper. This is a sexy vampire. It's the stuff of all our sexual nightmares. But it's super easy, you just need to vamp up your usual makeup regime - you know, dark lipstick and smokey eyes - and add a small trickle of blood. If you don't have any fake blood to hand, you can always improvise using red lipliner.



Morticia is the ultimate Halloween babe, and those of us with dark souls already channel her most days anyway. We all own that one dress that is hella Morticia - long, black and flowy - so shove that on and get some gothic makeup on the go and you never know, you might find your very own Gomez this Halloween.



Mime is another great look you can go for if all you have to hand is black eyeliner. Of course, it's another one of those that you can put as much or as little effort into as you want, depending on your commitment to Halloween. Check out this look below if you want a quick mime fix that'll take five minutes tops.


What's your quick go-to halloween outfit? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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