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The Best Makeup Tutorials To Win At Halloween This Year

by Ursula Dewey ,
The Best Makeup Tutorials To Win At Halloween This Year© Youtube/Desi Perkins

It's Halloween - the perfect excuse to embrace your inner make-up artist with some experimental looks. Forget the lacklustre vampire make-up with a splash of fake blood - these Halloween tutorials are set to scare, shock and stun. Whether you're going for cute and flirty or all-out terrifying, these are the only how-tos you need to achieve true Halloween horror.

Halloween is upon us which means getting seriously creative and creepy. Forget the outfit drama, this year it's all about transforming your look with some made-to-shock make-up.

We've scoured the web for the best of the worst, so you can look as gorgeously ghoulish as your heart desires. We've got everything from the traditionally terrifying ​to blood and guts gore - and a few light relief make-up looks too.

Watch and learn. Petrifying the party has never been so easy...

sMelting Skull

This one looks awesome - if you've got expensive foundation to waste. Totally worth it, though...



Check out this mega-easy mermaid look - it's amazing what you can do with a pair of fishnets!

PRESS PLAY ▶️ & TAG A MERMAID LOVER 🐬 🐬 MERMAID COLLAB with my babes @charmiejanee @jasmineregmi @kcrab @rubiitofficial & @makeupbygeorgiagray check their videos 🐠 I know it's not Halloween yet but we wanted to be mermaids 🦄🐠😂 its my first time doing something like this so bare with me 💜 🐠 FACE➡️ @makeupforeverofficial ultra HD foundation @iconic.london strobing stick @narsissist radiant creamy concealer in custard 🐬 MERMAID SCAMES ➡️ @morphebrushes palette 35B shades blue , pink and purple @inglot_us pure pigment shade 114 @certifeye Royal blue glitter pigment I used a wig cap for the Mermaid scames effect 🐬 EYES ➡️ morphebrushes palette 35B shades blue , pink and purple inglot_usa pure pigment shade 114 maccosmetics pigment vanilla @nyxcosmetics white liquid liner toofaced glitter glue certifeye white glitter pigment Lots of glitter under my eyes 🐬 LASHES ➡️ @hudabeauty in Marylin 🐬 LIPS ➡️ @kyliecosmetics lipkit in KOKO K and pink glitter 🐬 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰TAGS〰〰〰〰〰〰〰#brian_champagne #makeuptutorialsx0x #wakeupandmakeup #hudabeauty #anastasiabeverlyhills #hudakattan #LiveGlam #makeupclips #makeuptransformation #makeupvideos #makeuptutorial #contour #maquiagem #summer2016 #shimycatsmua #peachyqueenblog #hudabeautylashes #melformakeup #monakattan #motd #makeupartist #makeupgoals #iconicbae #glitter #mermaidmakeup #nyxcosmetics #fakeupfix #Kyliecosmetics #mermaid #howtomakeup

A video posted by M O N I C A (@monicarosemua) on Jul 8, 2016 at 12:05pm PDT

Half skull and exposed spine

This one's super simple: all you need is a black felt-tip eyeliner and some white face paint. Score.


Zipper face make-up tutorial

Want to go gory to your Halloween bash? Then this is the makeup tutorial for you - it doesn't get much nastier than the zipper face.


Sexy vampire make-up tutorial

Vampires can be sexy - Twilight taught us that much. Here's how to do make-up like Bella Swan.


Corpse Bride make-up tutorial

Tim Burton films are a great source of Halloween make-up inspiration. This dramatic make-over is sure to win you first place for effort.


Poison Ivy make-up tutorial

Want to be sexy rather than scary this Halloween? This is for you:


Pop Art make-up tutorial

Dare to be different at your next party with this impactful pop art make-over. We heart!


Sugar skull make-up tutorial

This make-over is easy and effective. Hurrah!


Pirate with a twist

Thinking of going as a pirate for Halloween. Groan, right? BUT, now think, instead of an eyepatch, you have an extra set of teeth there instead. You're listening now, right? Check it out!

Zombie make-up tutorial

Get ready to put your make-up skills to the test with this zombie make-over by beauty vlogger Tanya Burr.


Stretched lips make-up tutorial

It's icky. It's scary. It's perfect for Halloween.


Ursula the sea witch make-up tutorial

Put a sinister twist on Elsa this year - everyone's sick of Frozen anyway...

Skeleton makeup

Artistic? Try this!


Go as a dark Disney character like Ursula the sea witch



It can be hard to keep it glam at Halloween if you're not being a sexy cat, but this masquerade look is super sophis.

Double Trouble

If you're always getting compliments on your eyes, why not add some more to your face? Twice as many eyes = twice as many compliments, right?



PSA: 2016's version of the sexy cat is the sexy wolf. Try it out.


Eyes missing

If you're feeling brave, why not try this terrifying look. Kudos if you manage to pull it off!


Little red riding hood

Cute and terrifying. What more could you want this scare season?


Zombie bite

This one is low-key and avoids your face, in case you've got sensitive skin, but looks freaking awesome. Give it a go.



The height of glamour is, of course, Cleopatra. Plus, it means everyone MUST treat you like a queen.


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