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Beauty On A Budget: Cheap Alternatives To Your Favourite Luxury Makeup Brands

by Pascale Day ,
Beauty On A Budget: Cheap Alternatives To Your Favourite Luxury Makeup Brands

As many of us with a penchant for makeup will know, putting our faces on everyday isn't a cheap affair. That's why if there's one thing we could save in a fire, it would be our makeup bags - it's the most expensive thing we own. And whilst we love a good splurge on our fave cosmetics every now and again, there's nothing like getting the same quality product for a fraction of the price. Take a look at our fave cheap alternatives to some classic pricey products.

  1. · Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish, £18
  2. · Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, £31
  3. · Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo, £15.50
  4. · Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette, £39
  5. · YSL Luxurious Mascara for False Lash Effect, £25
  6. · Nars Bronzer in Laguna, £28

Take a look at our fave cheap alternatives to some classic pricey products and save your dosh for what really matters: gin, of course.

Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish, £18

As nail aficionados know, Chanel's Rouge Noir polish is iconic. And because of its iconic status, it comes with a hefty price tag to boot. And whilst doubters might tell you that there ain't nothing like the original, I'm here to whistleblow that theory. There is a selection - a small selection, mind - of nail varnishes that can effectively recreate the Mia Wallace manicure for you. From Essie's Wicked, £7.99, to Barry M's vampy red shade Vengance is Wine, £4.99, it's easy to recreate Chanel's classic colour - and if you fancy something a little bit more fancy without the mammoth price tag, Nailberry's Dial M for Maroon, £14.50, is the one for you. Here's some more alternatives:

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Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, £31

Estee Lauder's website boasts that its Double Wear foundation is the UK's number one foundation, which is probably why it costs a whopping £31. C'mon, you could buy a pair of jeans for that! But hell, is it worth the money - Estee Lauder weren't lying when they said that it's flawless all damn day. But for some of us, we're in no position to be purchasing a foundation with such a hefty price tag - girl's gotta eat, after all! Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation, £9.99, is a great substitute, as is Bourjois' Air Mat foundation, £9.99, or Une's Skin Glow foundation, £12.49. Check out some more fitting foundations:

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Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo, £15.50

Oh man. You can't beat Ruby Woo, can you? Ultra matte and super eye-catching, Mac's best-seller is hard to compete with. But we've found some perf alternatives that come close to the real deal. Rimmel's Kate Lasting Finish lipstick in 001, £5.49, comes in a truly classic pillarbox red that's been endorsed by Ms Moss herself - as does Loreal's Color Rich Exclusive Reds collection in Blake's Red, £6.99, whose staple red shade is named after another one of our favourite blondes, Blake Lively. But if you're looking for something a bit more matte, Topshop's lippy in Don't Cry for Me, £8, Revlon's matte lipstick in Really Red, £7.99, and Nyx's Velvet Matte lipstick in Blood Love, £7, are all top-notch subs for the real thing.

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Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette, £39

Too Faced's Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette really is too sweet to be true - especially when it comes in at just under forty quid. That kinda price can be a little hard to stomach, especially when it gets to halfway through the month and you need to replace it. But fear no more, sweet ladies, because Revolution have answered all your makeup-related prayers: their I Heart Chocolate Salted Caramel Eyeshadow Palette clocks in at just £7.99, and has basically all the same shades at Too Faced's selection but at a fraction of the price. You're totally welcome.

YSL Luxurious Mascara for False Lash Effect, £25

If eyes are the window to the soul, then your eyelashes are the curtains - and errrybody knows that the drapes gotta be looking good. YSL's mascara is perf for give those lashes some length, but at £25, it's not a luxury everyone can afford. But everybody deserves to have the lashes of their dreams, right? Well, Max Factor's Masterpiece Max Mascara, £9.99, can make those dreams a reality. If you fancy splashing out a little, Stila's Major Lash Mascara, £15, is a nice little payday treat, whereas if you really want to keep the price down Rimmel's Glam Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara, £7.19, and Barry M's Feature Length Mascara, £4.99, keeps the quality without the splurge.

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Nars Bronzer in Laguna, £28

No one knows that summer is a fleeting season quite like us Brits, which is why we need to fake it until we make it for the majority of the year. Yes, we need bronzer to hand 24/7, and that's an expensive habit to indulge if you're splashing out on Nars' fabulous Laguna Bronzing Powder. Us ladies need it so bad, it's managed to achieve cult status. But, if you're running low and need the sun on your cheeks stat, there's plenty of perf substitutes: like L'Oréal's Glam Bronze Golden Bronze 6, £7.99, Revlon's Bronzilla, £7.99, and Topshop's Bronzer in Mowhawk, £9. But, if you fancy splashing a few more pennies the Body Shop's Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder, £14, or Soap and Glory's Solar Powder, £11, are the bronzers for you.

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What's your fave beauty alternative? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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