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This Blogger Showed Us The Reality Of Acrylic-nail Addiction and It Looks Painful AF

by Rose Adams ,
This Blogger Showed Us The Reality Of Acrylic-nail Addiction and It Looks Painful AF

There's no doubt acrylic nails have the ability to transform a look but like most things we love in life (having perfect eyebrows, eating pizza all day), there's no gain without pain - as this blogger's long-term false-nails addiction proves. If her story doesn't make you think twice about having a break from your beloved falsies, we don't know what will.

We all love the feeling of leaving the nail salon with a fresh set of acrylics, transforming our nails from meh to marvellous with a couple of buffs and a polish. Whether you go for an almond or square shape, a muted nude tone or garish neon, getting your nails done is just one of the many great things about being a woman. But when that occasional treat becomes an addiction, there are consequences. And they can be painful and potentially permanent too.

A fan of getting acrylics on a regular basis, blogger Amelia Perrin's nails are always on fleek:

Just like Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner and the rest of the Klan, beauty blogger Amelia Perrin is a long-term fan of acrylic nails. But now she's speaking up and showing us the scary reality of regular salon trips, as a warning to us all to lay off the fakes before we're left with irreversible damage to our natural nail beds.

Having had permanent acrylics for six years, she's bearing the pain of very painful looking broken nail beds and ripped tips. If the thought of taking a break from those monthly appointments to the salons for infills, erm, fills you with dread then just take a look at this...

Sharing the above images, the blogger tweeted: "Nearly cried in the shower at the hot water touching my nail beds and I'm pretty sure there's still loads of shampoo left in my hair."

As a long-term nail biter, I too adore getting my nails extended with acrylics. Having had this habit since childhood, gorgeously long, hella Instargrammable natural nails i just a dream for me. But is potentially irreversible damage and a LOT of tears really worth it for the countless basic b*tch Insta images? We'll let you be the decider.

Has Amelia's experience put you off getting false nails? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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