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Coffee In An Edible Waffle Cup Is The Best Food And Drink Hybrid Yet

by Maria Bell ,
Coffee In An Edible Waffle Cup Is The Best Food And Drink Hybrid Yet© Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

News just in: You can now enjoy your morning coffee encased in an edible, CHOCOLATE lined, waffle cup. Just pause to let that sink in for a minute...

Created by the dream team at Alfred Coffee, we think this might just be the best food and drink mash-up there has ever been.

​It even serves a purpose - the chocolate lining makes sure the coffee doesn't shoot straight out the bottom of your soggy waffle. And we all know the trauma that comes from a soggy bottom.

However, this genius invention comes at a price. That extra cone of waffle will cost you $5 on top of the original price of the coffee. BUT seeing as you're essentially getting coffee and breakfast all wrapped up in one manageable handful, if you think about it, it's actually a complete bargain.

The other downside - it's not available in the UK. We know, we're sorry. BUT as we saw with the cronut, we're guessing it won't be long until they appear in a coffee shop near you!

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And to think, all these years you've been drinking coffee from a paper cup like a punk. Ugh.

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Maria Bell
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