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10 Ways Prince George Is Definitely A Royal Baby

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 9 April 2014
10 Ways Prince George Is Definitely A Royal Baby© Getty

Prince George arrived with his parents, the lovely Kate Middleton and Prince William, in New Zealand earlier this week. Although he's only been there a few days, we are already seeing the makings of a true King. A King who can sit up with such confidence must surely become our future ruler. Here are the other reasons that Prince George is definitely of Royal stock...

​His subjects tremble to behold him

He mingles with the commoners

He strides past his people with confidence

He takes possession of what should rightfully be his


He is pensive about the heavy burden of his future crown

Just like his Grandad Charles, he is quite the Mummy’s boy!

He is snobby about New Zealand

We're sensing a little bit of Prince Philip in him!

He is allowed to eat Kate Middleton’s hair. The (future) King can do what he likes!

He knows which gifts are beneath him.

We are NOT amused by this blue teddy!

His proclamations are listened to and celebrated

It might just be gargling, but dammit we shall listen!

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy Griffiths - Published on 9 April 2014
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