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12 Times Lady Mary Outsassed Everyone In Downton Abbey

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 28/08/2014 at 16:00
12 Times Lady Mary Outsassed Everyone In Downton Abbey © via google images

On the outside, Lady Mary is an ice Queen (remember when she was relieved that she didn’t have to wear black to mourn her first fiancé who died on the Titanic?). But over time it became clear that her frosty exterior is all a show. Underneath she is sweet, kind, capable of love etc. However, we think her sassy side will always be her best side. To celebrate the return of Downton, here are our favourite Mary moments…

1. When she was second best to NO ONE

2. When Edith tried to get one up on her

3. When her sister eloped and thought it was no big deal

4. When she realised she was perfect

5. When she controlled her proposal

6. When she might have had to share with her sister

7. When she gave Edith a BURN

8. When she showed up for her wedding

9. When she pointed out that she had things to do

10. When she had decided opinions on denistry

11. When she just got sick of everyone

12. When she admitted she couldn't care less

We have to say, Mary is definitely the Regina George of Downton Abbey. We all know she gets it from her grandma though...

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