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15 Reasons We Want Our Lives To Be Like A Period Drama

by Emmy Griffiths ,
15 Reasons We Want Our Lives To Be Like A Period Drama© via Tumblr

Period dramas are our favourite sort of movie. How could they not be? The old-fashioned customs, the intense, often forbidden love affairs, and, of course, the clothes. The clothes. The release of Belle on 13th June is getting us all excited for the world of period drama ball gowns and horses and carriages; here's why we'd love our lives to be like a costume drama...

Hot men? Check. Deliciously dramatic and topical story line? Check. Stunning ball gowns? Check.

It looks like Belle definitely conforms to our favourite things about period dramas!


Here's why we want to go back to the world of corsets and petticoats...

1. We'd have hilarious elders and their pearls of wisdom

There’s always seems to be an elder woman in every movie who knows what’s what. If only we were so bloody sassy.

2. The dancing

When did we go from touching palms with our dance partner and twirling away to bumping and grinding to Avicii in a sweaty night club? We want to go to a Grand Ball goddamit!


3. You'd always feel like a Princess

It would be slightly problematic to wear a bustle on the bus nowadays, but we’d be quite happy to don a huge gown for a stroll in the gardens!

4. We'd have so much spare time

In the good old days wealthy women spent their time, well, waiting for eligible bachelors to show up.

For some reason we're okay with that.


5. The fabulous customs

The bowing, the curtsying, the standing to attention, the throwing of a handkerchief into a crowd of soldiers – the list goes on! The only problem is it would be rather hard to remember them all…

6. The horror of the terrible misunderstanding

If we were in a costume drama and became embroiled in any tragic situation, we would quite simply be vocal about it and nip the problem in the bud. No months of misery for us!


7. The men

Just. Yes.

8. Speeches of love and devotion

Why does NO ONE speak like this now? Why?


9. The men’s clothes

You thought Alan Rickman in high waist breeches was a bad thing? THINK AGAIN.

10. Did we mention the men?

We just wanted to reiterate how utterly sexy and wonderful they all were.


11. The sheer drama

EVERYTHING WAS SUCH A CRISIS BACK IN THE DAY. For example, NEVER go for a walk in the rain lest you want to catch pneumonia and nearly die. Every day would be full of risk and adventure!

12. The quick engagements

You meet someone, you like them, you propose to them. Dating?! Pssh.


13. Natural beauty is key

No faffing about with rouge for the upper class ladies! Every day is a #nomakeupselfie day. We might be laid bare more, but it would save SO much time!

14 . The underhand bitchiness

In period drama world, all the fighting has to be sneaky. We could thrive in this backhanded society!

15. Writing long love letters

Tinder? What is Tinder? We have written a heartfelt sonnet with our quill and parchment, and have sent for a rider to dispatch it immediately to our one true love!


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Emmy Griffiths
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