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17 Reasons Why Life Is So Much Better When You’re A Geek Girl

by Emmy Griffiths ,
17 Reasons Why Life Is So Much Better When You’re A Geek Girl© via google images

Do you find yourself strongly attracted to Severus Snape? Do you feel overwhelmed when confronted with a bow tie? Know which hobbit you'd definitely shack up with (Pippin amirite)? Then congratulations, you are definitely a geek girl! Yes, you spend hours trawling the internet, you talk about characters like they're real people, and sometimes you can't remember what sunlight looks like, but despite this being a geek girl is a reward in itself, and here's why...

1. You get to be unashamedly enthusiastic about the things you love

2. And it’s fine, because you belong to a fan base where EVERYONE IS ALLOWED TO FREAK OUT

3. Which means you have someone who understands you when fictional tragedy strikes...

4. You stop having any inhibitions

5. And it bodes well for you that the MOST attractive guys are in all of your favourite movies

Oh hey Thor, Wolverine and Iron Man. Hows things.

6. Not to mention that you get to be aware of the tortuous yet beautiful existence of Jon Snow

7. Oh, let’s not forget you have Tom Hiddleston as your fearless leader

8. You know you’ll be successful because you’re too ruthlessly ambitious for anything else to happen

9. You can’t help but sort of judge people who don’t bother reading

10. You can get into deep conversations about things that don’t exist. For hours.

Pointless, but satisfying.

11. Bow ties have a mysterious hold over you

12. You can insult oblivious non-nerds

13. You know how much determination a real movie marathon takes

Lord of the Rings extended edition omnibus time. BRB in 12 hours.

14. You can use amazing sites like Reddit and Tumblr to their full potential

15. Oh, and you get the BEST pick-up lines. Just top drawer.

16. To sum up, although a penchant for cats does seem necessary

17. Geeks are IN

Massive comic book movie franchises, huge framed glasses, The Big Bang Theory. Geek is the new sexy.

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