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27 Weird Celebrity Crushes We Can't Quite Explain

by Emmy Griffiths ,
27 Weird Celebrity Crushes We Can't Quite Explain© Via Pinterest

What do George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling all have in common? They ooze with charm, ostentatious good looks and sensational abs. Everything about them indicates that we should be attracted to them, but they are by no means our only celebrity crushes. So...what is it about these other wonderful weirdos that we love so much? How have they managed to get under our skin quite so deeply?!

1. David Mitchell

Why we love him: David Mitchell is awkward, posh and distinctly lovable. It’s probably his self-deprecating nature that attracts us - he vocalises every insecurity he has and we just love it.

2. Tom Hanks

Why we love him: From playing Forrest Gump to portraying Walt Disney, his voice is velvet and gravel and chocolate for the ears all at once and his acting prowess is unmatched. Oh, and he loves old typewriters. You've got to love a man with a hobby!

3. Paddy McGuiness

Why we love him: Can’t we just pick him on Take Me Out? No likey no lighty? LIKEY! WE LIKEY!


4. Rupert Grint

Why we love him: He is firmly at the top of our hot ginger list. Firmly. He’s so softly-spoken as well, and you never really know what he’s thinking. We love us a mysterious ginger.

5. Justin Long

Why we love him: He’s so dopey looking and yet there’s something totally loveable about him. Amanda Seyfried knows what we mean, the pair have been going out since October 2013! He's pretty cute - except when he ugly cries, obviously.


6. Stephen Merchant

Why we love him: He is oddly tall, hilarious and cannot seem to get himself a girlfriend. Perhaps we think we’d become his girlfriend if we met him? Maybe? Yes?

7. Ricky Gervais

Why we love him: He just doesn’t give a sh*t, does he? We appreciate that attitude.

8. Steve Carrell

Why we love him: How could you NOT love him? He is utterly adorable. We're not even ashamed to admit we fancied him in Anchorman.

9. James Blunt

Why we love him: He thinks we’re beautiful and he is legitimately hilarious on Twitter. Keep on tweeting handsome!

10. Oliver Proudlock

His style is sheer madness, yes, but there’s something about that little ponytail and dangly cross earring that does it for us. We can’t explain it.

11. Peter Capaldi

He’s a silver fox, and for God's sake he’s the new Doctor! You sort of have to love him for this sole reason.

12. Matt Smith

See above. Matt Smith might have kind of weird hair and kind of a weird chin, but once you’ve played an iconic British role it's the law that you become attractive by osmosis.

13. James Corden

James is slightly dorky, silly, and has fan girl freak outs about David Beckham as much as we do. Let’s face it, the man is freaking charming.

14. Jamie Laing

Jamie is a skinny, Draco-Malfoy-lookalike lovesick puppy, but for some reason he keeps getting those girls! He plays up to his strengths, and it totally works.

15. Greg McHugh

It took a while to warm up to Greg’s Fresh Meat character Howard, but after demonstrating his thoughtful and sweet nature, we couldn’t help but develop a little crush!

16. Jon Richardson

The nerdy comedian is quite vocal about how he thinks relationships can’t last and love is a lie. This only encourages us to prove him otherwise.

17. Steve Martin

Maybe it’s the funny, goofy older man vibe Steve Martin is rocking that makes us love him?

18. Edward Norton

Everything about Ed Norton suggests you shouldn’t really find him that hot. He sort of looks like a baby bird. However, inexplicably we also find him to be sort of perfect? We know, we don’t get it either.

19. Seth Rogan

It’s the laugh. It’s got to be the laugh.


20. Alan Rickman

From playing Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility and Snape in Harry Potter, Alan Rickman has successfully procured our eternal devotion.

21. Simon Cowell

It’s the power that does it. And the trousers. We love the trousers.

22. Benedict Cumberbatch

OH BENEDICT WE LOVE HIM. But why?! Why? He sort of looks like Beaker from The Muppets, but he’s SO BEAUTIFUL with it.

23. Hugo Weaving

He looks like he’s been carved from marble and speaks how we imagine Zeus would. We can imagine it’d be intense dating him, but so WORTH IT.

24. Russell Howard

He’s so goofy and sweet. Got to love a man with a quick-wit!

25. Nathan Fillon

Nathan Fillon is admittedly strapping and a lot of people are die-hard fans of him after he played sexy Mal in Firefly.


26. Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis is the ULTIMATE ugly duckling turned beautiful swan.

27. Vince Vaughn

Jennifer Aniston fell for Vince’s boy-next-door persona, and so have we!

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Emmy Griffiths
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