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23 Signs Rebel Wilson Is Totally Bossing Life Right Now

by Emmy Griffiths ,
23 Signs Rebel Wilson Is Totally Bossing Life Right Now© Getty

We all know that Rebel Wilson is utterly hilarious in movies like Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids but it's her behaviour outside her film career that has us fangirling all over her. She's smart, totally gorgeous and actually defies the Hollywood stereotype for a change ALL while being a sassy Queen in handling whatever 'scandal' comes her way. We're pretty sure we should all aspire to be Rebel (or at least her friend or perhaps work under her as some sort of PA?)

1. She deadpans perfectly


2. She goes with the flow


3. She responds to rumours in the best way

A recent report suggested that Rebel Wilson is not really named Rebel and is 35 rather than 29 as she claimed. Rebel's response was outstanding:

4. She takes selfies with what we assume must be an ACTUAL UNICORN

5. She likes a good mystery

6. She shows up to interviews like this

7. She's lazy the same way we are all lazy

8. She can do deadpan.

9. She understands the importance of television

10. She's the voice of truth in many a situation

11. She recognises her potential

12. She's pretty casual about everything

13. Apart from food

14. She can pull off a solid one-liner

15. She is pretty much all of us with this tweet

16. She has a REBELlious side

17. She's amazing at improv

18. She's all about going after the right part

19. She's not afraid to ask Zefron questions that REALLY matter

20. She has the same 'morning after' problems as us

The Instagram caption read: "You know you've had a big night out when this is the image you wake up to x"

21. She knows what Tumblr is


22. She can keep a straight face, no matter what

23. She shares our complex mix of favourite things

"Soon after I took this my headphones broke and I had to walk all the way back to hotel without my gangsta rap/musical theatre playlist x"

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