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50 Thoughts Every Student Has During A Lecture

by Emmy Griffiths ,
50 Thoughts Every Student Has During A Lecture

University life is amazing, there's just one downside: sometimes you actually have to, you know, GO to University. Although seminars, workshops and even practicals keep you busy, the dreaded lectures where you have no choice but to sit in silence and be dictated to for an hour are potentially soul destroying. Here are all the thoughts we typically have during those grim, grim times...

1. It’s the second-to-last lecture of the year and I haven’t been to a single one yet. Time. To. Go.

2. This could be my turnaround point. I’m going to start being an intellectual.

3. Can I sit on the last row when the hall is almost empty? Is that acceptable?

4. Oh good, mature students are here but absolutely no one else.

5. It was so hard to wake up for this.

6. The tutor obviously wasn’t expecting many people.

7. Poor guy. He looks so fed up with the world.

8. But I still don’t care what he’s saying.

9. Can he see I have my phone under the desk?

10. Yes, dammit.

11. Oh, now he keeps checking on me.

12. I’ll just take a quick ‘bored oh God help’ snapchat selfie then put it away.

13. That girl in front of me is just blatantly messaging people on Facebook​.

14. I should start bringing my laptop to lectures. They can never see what you’re doing on the screen. So simple, so brilliant.

15. How is she getting Wi-Fi?

16. Maybe if I put my book on top of the book we’re meant to be looking at and read for a bit no one will notice?

17. In 37 minutes this will all be over.

18. 36…35…

19. The air is really weird in here.

20. I should have brought a cardigan. Or a blanket.

21. I should have just shown up in my pyjamas with a pillow. People do that, don’t they?

22. Keep your eyes open, keep your eyes open, keep your eyes open.

23. The air con is making my eyes water. Should I ask to switch it off?

24. No, don’t make this longer than it needs to be.

25. This isn’t coming up in the exam?

26. There was absolutely no point coming to this.

27. Did I even bring a pen?

28. God my bag is such a mess.

29. Oooo crisps!

30. How long have these been here?

31. Can I eat these in a lecture?


33. At least I have the entire day ahead of me.

34. I haven’t seen a morning in about three months.

35. I could even start an essay early. Or clean my house. The world is my oyster.

36. But I am so tired. Let’s face it, I’m going home to nap.

37. I’m going to start working harder. What is he saying right now?

38. I can’t even follow this. At least it’s nearly over.

39. Any questions? No. We do not have any questions.



42. I am so frustrated I want to throw something at her right now.

43. This better not turn into another discussion.

44. Aaaaaand so it has.

45. I would do anything for this to be over.

46. I’m going to gouge my eyes out.

47. My leg is actually twitching I want to leave that much. I swear it’s never done that before…

48. Would it be really rude if I just got up and left now?

49. Yes. There’s like 5 people in here. I can’t go unnoticed even if I tried.

50. Looks like I’ll be here forever then.

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This article was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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