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Everyone's Super Pumped To Get #BackToWork This Monday Morning

by Pascale Day Published on 04/01/2016 at 16:00
Everyone's Super Pumped To Get #BackToWork This Monday Morning © We Heart It

Remember that elation you felt in packing your bag and sauntering out of the office for Christmas, knowing you wouldn't have to set foot in that place for a couple of weeks? It all seems too long ago now, doesn't it? We've had ten consecutive days of 11am lie-ins, and now we have to go back to 6am starts and crowded commuter trains. Here are some people enjoying going #BackToWork as much as you. Welcome back to the grind, everyone. Happy Monday.

1. This guy, who's so happy about Monday he's, er, leaking...

2. Boohoo.com, who totally feel our pain

3. This man, who simply cannot get used to the fact that it's no longer acceptable to drink alcohol in the middle of the day

4. This tweeter who accurately sums up the post-christmas weight gain

5. This guy, who doesn't even want to LOOK at the #BackToWork hashtag

6. This lady, who displays some sound logic when it comes to getting back into a routine

7. Someone who is used to sitting in silence watching Christmas films and eating Quality Street

8. This chap, who speaks for all of us when basic skills fail him on the first day back

9. This lady, who understands the struggle is real

10. Just take solace that someone, somewhere in an office far far away, is having a way worse day than you

Happy Monday, ya'll!

Are you having a shocker of a Monday? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

Pascale Day
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