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CBB: Jasmine Waltz leaves Lee Ryan as she is voted out

by Emmy Griffiths ,
CBB: Jasmine Waltz leaves Lee Ryan as she is voted out© Getty

Jasmine Waltz is the second housemate to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House, and we can only imagine how many tears we are going to have to witness from her in-house romance Lee Ryan now. Seriously, that boy cries at everything. The model and actress left the house in a see through dress, which was no surprise to anyone!

Jasmine Waltz has been the second housemate to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House. How do we all feel about this?

The 31-year-old was separated from her gentleman caller, ex-pop star Lee Rya, but didn’t appear all that fussed as she smiled and waved at the crowds as she left the house.

Before leaving, she was given the opportunity to save two housemates from eviction on Friday night, bizarrely choosing her house rival Casey Batchelor, and Linda Nolan.

Host Emma Willis was there to greet her at the bottom of the CBB steps to talk to her about the eviction. She said: “I wanted to stay in. But I’m not upset that I’m leaving. Coming out is less stress.”

Of course the subject of Lee Ryan was broached as the girls chatted to each other, and Jasmine claimed that she “didn’t really know” how much she liked Lee to start with.

“I was attracted to him, but there was so much going on. When I finally started talking to him…” We know Jasmine. It was true love. When Emma asked her about the future of their relationship, she said: “I don’t really know. I can’t really predict. I’m sure we’ll see each other when we get out.”

However, she wasn’t the only person to fancy Lee Ryan, and the model was shown footage of Lee and Casey canoodling in the early days of the show and admitted that it looked like the Blue bend member was messing with her. She said: “I always understood she had a crush on him…I understand now [that he led her on].”

She also thought that Lee would have no problem hooking back up with Casey now she’d left the House. She said: “I wouldn’t put it past Lee [to try it on with Casey].”

The two weren’t on great terms towards the end of Jasmine’s time in the house, particularly when Casey nominated her in the face-to-face nominations to be evicted. Jasmine revealed that she had been trying to be subtle about her relationship with Lee not to hurt Casey’s feeling, but after that things changed.

She revealed: “I just stopped caring. I was protecting her…but after she did that, I just lost interest in trying to protect her when she’s out to get me. She lied and wanted me out of the house.”

It sounds like she had a nice time in the house though, and revealed that she would like either Ollie Locke or Sam Faiers to win.

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Emmy Griffiths
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