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Could This Be The Answer To Every Nutella Addict's Prayers?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Could This Be The Answer To Every Nutella Addict's Prayers?© WeHeartIt

If the constant theft of your sacred Nutella is causing rifts between you and your housemates and/or family members and/or cat, there is finally an answer to your problems! No longer will you reach for your Nutella to find to jar half full and full of crumbs, as a 'Nutella Lock' has been invented to keep out those chocolate bandits!

You've tried moving it. You've tried hiding it away. You've even tried buying them their own jar but for some reason, your Nutella gets all used up again and again by persons other than yourself. So what are your options? You could stake out your kitchen and wait for the Nutella thieves to come a-looting, or you could purchase one of THESE bad boys and all of your Nutella-fused nightmares will be a thing of the miserable past.

Possible genius Daniel Schobloch has invented the 'Nutella lock', a cheeky jar lock that keeps your precious chocolate spread safe. He said he invented the product as a bit of a joke after: "One of my friends was always getting worked up because his children were stealing his Nutella", but after selling nearly 1000 anti-theft Nutella locks, this joke has turned into a business! The locks are available for £7.30 on Ebay, and naturally the Twittersphere are circling like Nutella-obsessed vultures over the chance at keeping their chocolate deliciousness all to themselves:

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Emmy Griffiths
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