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David Beckham to take part in global Facebook forum

by Alison Potter ,
David Beckham to take part in global Facebook forum© Getty

Get ready with your questions girls, as David Beckham is about to take part in a global Facebook forum. Fans of the father-of-four will have a chance to hear the stories behind the personal and iconic images that appear in his new photography book David Beckham. They’ll also get the opportunity to chat to the man himself in a worldwide Q&A and, if that’s not enough, he’ll also be taking part in a digital book signing. Count us in!

Now that he’s a retired professional football player David Beckham is often seen camera in-hand, snapping away at his photogenic family.

It looks like his new photography hobby has inspired the sporting hero to launch his very own self-titled image-based book that charts his career in images – some of which have never before been published.

To celebrate, David is offering millions of fans all over the world the chance to meet him and ask questions about his three-decade long footballing career.

Being a bit of a technology enthusiast, the exclusive global Q&A and book signing taking place in London on Wednesday 30th October will be a unique event that’s set to be streamed live on Facebook.

"I always like innovative and original ideas," said Beckham. "What has been created is ambitious but it should be a fantastic event.

“I love the interaction with my fans but not only will I be able to do this in London, I will be able to sign for them in locations across the world."

David also kindly shared with us a few exclusive pics from his upcoming book which he said depict two key moments in his footballing career.

The first is from the very start of his footballing career (in case you can’t spot him he’s at the front on the left).

Speaking about the snap taken in the early 80s, Victoria Beckham’s husband joked: “Not sure about my dad’s moustache…”

The other is an arty black and white snap of David with his arms proudly round his three sons at his final club, Paris Saint-Germain FC earlier this year.

“One last time with my boys as a champion. Thank you for sharing these special moments in my life and career. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love you boys.”

If, like us, you’re a massive David Beckham fan, make sure you register to take part in the Q&A – there’s even the opportunity to win a place to attend in person, so you could be breathing the same air as the H&M underwear god.

You know where we’ll be next Wednesday!

Are you planning to get involved too? Tweet us @SofeminineUK.

David and Victoria Beckham and their sons © Getty
David and Victoria Beckham and their sons
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