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Did HBO Go Ruin Your Sunday Night? True Detective Finale Crashes The Site

by Carla Cain Walther ,
Did HBO Go Ruin Your Sunday Night? True Detective Finale Crashes The Site© HBO

HBO Go promised its subscribers that the season finale of the hugely popular True Detective would go up on the site at 9PM E.T., but the sheer number of users logging on caused the streaming site to crash for several hours. Fans of the show, desperate to find out if Marty and Rust would make it out of Carcosa alive, took to social media to unleash their anger over HBO Go's technical issues. Oh dear.

And with that brief tweet from HBO Go, fans of True Detective were sent spiraling into teary fits of rage and commiserated, I.E. launched abuse at the HBO Go service, with fellow watchers on Twitter.

It seemed like no matter how many times you refreshed or willed that spinning wheel to stop, the relatively new streaming site couldn't handle all the activity.

Hours went by and the problem still remained, causing numerous fans to go bed without watching the suspenseful conclusion to the show. Unfortunately for them, they now have to spend the all of today avoiding spoilers - and we know how hard that's going to be since True Detective is all anyone (and the Internet) wants to talk about!

SPOILER ALERT! (So what happened?)

For those lucky ones who did get to watch the finale, we finally glimpsed the bizarre life of serial killer, Errol Childress, a member of the sickening cult that was terrorizing Louisiana. He was basically a nightmare come to life. His sprawling estate was home to his mentally unstable half-sister-turned-lover, and he clearly had a thing for baby dolls and talking to his dead father who was tied up on a mattress in the shed.

After confirming that Childress was the man they'd been looking for all season, they ambushed Childress' home and interrogated his half-sister-turned-lover. Rust chased after Childress and was lured into the center of Carcosa, a perverted underground maze built by the serial killer.

Once he reached the end of the winding maze, Rust was momentarily distracted by a vision. ​Childress suddenly appeared from behind and stabbed Rust in the stomach. A fight ensued, giving Marty time to catch up to his partner and, hopefully, shoot Childress dead. Marty did get a few rounds off but it didn't stop Childress altogether. In a stunning move, he threw his tomahawk straight into Marty's chest. However, as he stood over Marty, ready to finish the deed, a bleeding Rust shot Childress in the back of the head.

Okay, we won't give away everything. Just know that most of your lingering questions are answered in the heart-stopping finale that's earned a lot of praise from viewers!

Did you have #HBOGoProblems last night too? Vent away! Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Carla Cain Walther
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