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Disney Animals As Humans Is Our New Favourite Thing

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Disney Animals As Humans Is Our New Favourite Thing© http://s0alaina.deviantart.com/

Deviantart artist Alaina has drawn our favourite Disney animals as humans and we have to say, we're seriously impressed. From Lady and the Tramp to Bolt, she has managed to capture our furry favourites as people so accurately that we would recognise them anywhere, even if they're not quite the same!

  1. · Bolt
  2. · Lady and the Tramp
  3. · The Lion King
  4. · Horses
  5. · Tarzan
  6. · The Aristocats
  7. · The Jungle Book
  8. · Oliver & Company

Deviantart user s0alaina, whose real name is Alaina said: "These are my interpretations of some Disney animals if they were human. I’ve often wondered what these animals would look like if they were human and I have enjoyed others’ illustrations of this concept. But I noticed that most of these versions lacked character consistency thus making them not quite as believable and lovable.

"I decided to draw them in the styles of their movies, and keep consistent shape language and features to interpret the character in a more thorough and believable way."

Check out the results for yourself...

1. Bolt

That is EXACTLY what Mittens would look like!

2. Lady and the Tramp

Alaina got Lady's dreamy look DEAD on! And Tramp's hair. Scruffy dog turned silver FOX.

3. The Lion King

But where's Timon?! We need to see him human too!

4. Horses

A compilation of horses from various films. We're not 100% sure, but we're pretty certain that (from left) it is Samson (Prince Philip's horse from Sleeping Beauty), Pegasus from Hercules, Frou-Frou from The Aristocats and Khan (Mulan's horse) in their human forms!

5. Tarzan

Turk and Tantor looking AWESOME...does this mean Tarzan is an animal in this parallel universe?!

6. The Aristocats

Maybe our favourite ones - that IS exactly how Duchess would look as a human!

7. The Jungle Book

Bagheera and Baloo look just as friendly as humans as they do a panther and a bear!

8. Oliver & Company

Aw look at little ginger Oliver (in both pictures)!

Cool, right?! Which character would you like to see her draw next? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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Emmy Griffiths
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