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These Disney Princesses Reimagined As Fine Art Are Simply Stunning

by Emmy Griffiths ,
These Disney Princesses Reimagined As Fine Art Are Simply Stunning

If you thought Disney cartoons were well drawn, just wait until you see these works of art! Artist and possible Gabriel Rossetti reincarnation Heather Theurer has created the MOST stunning renditions of Disney Princesses, and they look like they belong in a Palace somewhere, in a Kingdom far far away...

We thought we wouldn't be able to find a more beautiful renditioning of Disney since the hotdog Princesses, but it looks like we were wrong.

​Artist Heather Theurer painted these masterpieces while raising a family of five (no wonder she has a bit of an obsession with Disney!), and is deeply passionate about her work as she has written on her site: "I don't necessarily want the viewer to have the same response to my painting as I have. Instead, my hope is that the expression I paint on the board through hours of observation and execution of detail will speak to them in a way that ignites thoughts and feelings unique to them."

The paintings, which depict Mulan, Lilo, Stitch, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Belle, Merida, Rapunzel and Cinderella show just how talented she is, and we would seriously hang these on our wall. Check out her stunning creations...

Merida - Brave

Entitled 'If You Could Change Your Fate, Would You?', Merida looks like a Leonardo Di Vinci cherub but with a LOT of ginger hair.


Referencing the single greatest Disney song of all time in the title 'The Dark Side of the Moon', this picture shows Mulan in all her girly gear (seriously, no army uniform?) while kicking ass.

Anna, Elsa and Olaf - Frozen

This incredibly realistic renditioning of little Anna and Elsa playing with Olaf is entitled 'Never Let It Go', and we love it.

Rapunzel - Tangled

We didn't know how the lanterns from Tangled could look more visually stunning, but Heather's managed it in 'I See the Light!'

Belle - Beauty and the Beast

No wonder Gaston wanted to get with this. Belle in 'Love Blooms In Winter' is basically every Victoria's Secret angel.

Lilo and Stitch

Showing she doesn't just do Princesses, 'Ohana Means Family' shows Lilo and Stitch being all sweet together and is amazingly realistic (especially since Stitch is an alien).


'A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes' shows Cinderella having some down time with the birds in between her chores. Now all we need is the post-Princess portrait. Please Heather!

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