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#DogsAtPollingStations Is Our Favourite Thing About The General Election So Far

by Emmy Griffiths ,
#DogsAtPollingStations Is Our Favourite Thing About The General Election So Far

Poor little dogs. You live in this country, and yet you have no right to vote. Dogs should vote, because dogs are the best and will make great decisions for our country. They seem to know this too, because despite sadly not being human citizens, they have been showing up to the Polling Stations in droves...

This Scottie dog is sniffing around for some answers to our Country's problems

This pair who know they'd be better than the Miliband brothers

This curly haired pooch who is outwardly cursing his inability to force change

This tiny dog doesn't really know who to vote for but would still like to be involved

This happy little fella obviously wants to vote Green

This proud canine who understands the enormous responsibility of the British people as to who will govern our country

This little pup who would have chewed up his ballot in protest

This proud Scot dog ready to represent his country if need be

This lovely lab who has all the answers if only the people would LISTEN

This fluffy fellow who knows who their owner is voting for and disapproves heartily

This little chap who is so close he can almost taste it

This dog who hasn't quite realised yet that he won't be voting

And not only dogs have been involved. After all, why shouldn't lambs have their say?!

Then of course, there's the ducks.

Will you be staying up tonight to find out who got in? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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All images via Twitter.

Emmy Griffiths
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