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Celebrate Ginger Pride! First Ever Ginger Pride Festival In England Taking Place

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Celebrate Ginger Pride! First Ever Ginger Pride Festival In England Taking Place© Pinterest

We gingers have a bad rep in England. We’re not quite sure why – maybe it’s because our pale skin and freckles make us an easy target, maybe it’s that South Park sketch claiming that gingers have no souls, maybe it’s just that people of jealous of all the hotties who have been kissed by fire, but let’s face it, gingers have NEVER had it easy. But now what makes us different makes us special, and will be celebrated with the UK’s first ever ginger pride festival. Redheads, rejoice!

Although in the Netherlands the redhead festival is now a solid tradition, with the tenth Roodharigendag festival taking place this year, us Britons haven’t given our ginger people the love and attention they so rightfully deserve for years of school ground bullying and painstakingly informing tormenters that carrot tops are, in fact, green? *Frustrated sigh*.

However, the redhead festival is ready and happening, with event-organiser Stuart Parry planning the pride day in Plymouth. He told Plymouth Herald: “I wonder if we’re approaching a time when bullying gingers is over […] When I was much younger and out at a night club a young lady came up to me and said ‘wow, your hair is lovely, where did you get it done?’”

So keep a space in your date book in summer 2016, my redheaded comrades, because ginger pride is here! The pride festival will include a gingerbread decorating competition (erm, yum), live music and an opportunity for the ginger kids to let their fiery hair down.

Viva la red revolution!

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Emmy Griffiths
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