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Guys Are Tricking Their Girlfriends Into Seeing Deadpool For Valentine's Day And It's Hilarious

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Guys Are Tricking Their Girlfriends Into Seeing Deadpool For Valentine's Day And It's Hilarious

It all started with a tweet from the legendary funny man Ryan Reynolds. Making a Instagram-worthy love heart with his hands, he reveals the new poster for his R-rated foul-mouthed superhero flick Deadpool. But the poster is sweet and loving; almost a mix of Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail. But why? Why would a kickass superhero film be advertising itself as a sweet romcom? Well...so guys can trick their girlfriends into seeing it of course.

One look at this poster and you'll realise that this definitely doesn't look like the tale of a horrifically tortured man going on a rampage of revenge, right? Well, that's exactly what the ole' Deadpool team are going for. Since Deadpool is being released so close to Valentine's Day, they are using sweet, romantic posters to advertise the bloody, R-rated extravaganza, and we have to say it is sort of genius.

If you are the type of girl who has watched all of the Deadpool trailers and have its release date marked down on your calendar, you definitely wouldn't fall for this because let's face it, you're probably the one dragging your partner to it. But if you are the kind of girl who loves a good romcom and rates superhero films in the list of things you couldn't care less about, chances are your partner is going to try this trick. So far it looks like everyone is totally falling for it. Gals! IT'S A TRAP! As unacceptable as it is to trick your girlfriends, we have to admit we had a bit of a giggle at these...

They keep falling for it.

Every. Single. Time.

Oh girls, you have no idea what's really coming for you. If you have been duped into seeing this on Valentine's Day, here's what you've really got in store...


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Emmy Griffiths
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