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Harry Styles heroically helps a fan pushed over by the crowd

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Harry Styles heroically helps a fan pushed over by the crowd© Getty

We already knew that Harry Styles was a hero – pretty much because of his fabulous hair and good looks, but now we are sure of it! The One Direction band member was shopping in New York City yesterday when he was swarmed by paparazzi and fans alike, only to have one face plant in front of him. Harry helped her up, made sure she was okay then had a photo with her, much to her delight. What a man!

Harry Styles has demonstrated his heroic side after helping a fan as she was pushed by the crowds, causing her to fall flat on her face in front of him.

Instead of skirting around her and getting into his car – which must have been on his mind, with those pesky paps following him wherever he goes – Harry endured the flash of cameras for a little while longer as he helped the girl to her feet after she was knocked over.

The girl was crying as the You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful singer picked her up, though we're not sure whether that was out of pain or absolute awe.

She also looked thoroughly overwhelmed as Hazza spoke to her and asked everyone to give her some space. What a babe!

The girl quickly got over her fall though as she realised this was her chance to immortalise the moment with Harry, so after a big hug she handed her phone over for a picture, beaming through the tears.

One of the paparazzi then shouted: “Harry Styles is the BEST!” as everyone else began chanting: “Harry! Harry! Harry!”


Honestly, we’re truly impressed that he didn’t punch the air on his way out like the conquering hero that he is.

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Harry Styles © Getty
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