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'Hot Dudes With Kittens' Is The Only Instagram Page You Need To Be Looking At Right Now

by Pascale Day ,
'Hot Dudes With Kittens' Is The Only Instagram Page You Need To Be Looking At Right Now© Instagram

We love it when men do cute stuff, don't we? Hold the door open for us, play with our hair, buy us flowers etc. So imagine how happy were we to discover Hot Dudes With Kittens, the Instagram page that's taking over our lives rn. If you enjoy the likes of 'Dilfs of Disneyland' and calendars that have topless farmers holding baby lambs, this is right up your street.

Y'know that feeling you get when you combine two of your favourite things, two of the most guiltiest of pleasures, and it just works? Like peanut butter and chocolate. That's the joy and satisfaction we're feeling right now after discovering Hot Dudes With Kittens. The concept might be a little difficult but don't worry, we'll explain: it's hot guys, and they're hanging out with kittens. I know, it's a little hard to compute without going into overdrive. Let us say it again: it's a bunch of super cute men, and they have kittens. Sometimes they're holding the kittens, and sometimes the kittens are just running around like the adorable little tykes they are. Sometimes the guys are wearing shirts, BUT SOMETIMES THEY ARE NOT. Argh, enough of the teasing! You can see a small selection of our favourites below. You're welcome, btw.

This cat has the exact face we would have if we were cuddled into that armpit nook.

Again, this cat's face conveys the exact emotions we would be feeling in this moment.

We don't know who has nicer eyes.


It's hard to decide who we would rather be in this picture....

ARGH. Too much cute!

That's it. We can't take anymore. Our hearts will explode. If you want to check out more hot dudes with kittens, head over to the Instagram page. It's recommended you get checked over by your local GP first as it's likely your insurance won't cover death by cuteness overload.

Like what you see here? You're not the only one! Let us know: @sofeminineUK

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