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How Sofia Vergara became the most highly paid actress on US television

by Stephanie Ashley ,
How Sofia Vergara became the most highly paid actress on US television© Getty

American TV show Modern Family introduced us to the curvaceous Latin beauty, Sofia Vergara. But how much do you know about US television’s highest paid actress? She has been perfecting her skills for years, and now she has spoken out about growing up in Colombia, acting, and her infamous curves.

Everybody loves Sofia Vergara. She has an amazing body, with curves in all the right places, a fabulous sense of fashion, and a fun sense of humour. She's pretty much our ultimate girl crush right now.

With all her talents and assets, it is no wonder that Forbes named her the most highly paid actress on television. But there is more to the Latin sensation than meets the eye.

Sofia spoke to GLAM Belleza Latina in their interview for her Winter Cover Star article all about her years of hard work, her business sense, and her confident attitude.

Born in Colombia, Sofia always had dreams of making it big.

“I have been working hard since I was 17 years old,” Sofia says. “I always had goals that I wanted to reach and businesses that I wanted to start, but I never knew I would have these opportunities.”

The Latina credits her success to her work ethic and her role as Gloria in the hit US show, Modern Family.

​Sofia has become famous for her curvaceous body, but some have criticised the actress recently for slimming down. Still, Sofia finds it “fantastic” that women can find her inspiring and says it is all about the attitude and staying healthy.

“The glam and sexiness of Latinas live in the fact that most of us take great care of ourselves,” Sofia says.

Don’t underestimate the Latina, though; she is no bimbo.

“I think the concept of being sexy and smart is difficult for many to grasp,” Sofia admits. “Most people are more comfortable with the notion of ‘sexy bimbo.’ And I have to admit that I’ve capitalised on that to negotiate a couple of times, when the ‘smart ones’ think I have no idea what I can deliver, and I end up costing them more.”

Though she makes a great deal of money from her role in Modern Family and adverts with powerhouses like Pepsi, Sofia continues to be smart about her finances.

“I’m not ashamed to say I love making money. I like business, and the truth is I save way more than I spend. I invest. I plan for the future,” she says.

Though we don’t think she’ll need a fallback plan anytime soon, it’s good to know that even in such phenomenal success, Sofia keeps her head about her.

From her intelligence to her humour to her natural beauty, Sofia is an inspiration and proof that you don’t have to be stick skinny or a “bimbo” to make it in Hollywood.

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Stephanie Ashley
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