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How To Get Abs In 20 Seconds: The InstaSecret Every Girl Needs To Know

by Emmy Griffiths ,
How To Get Abs In 20 Seconds: The InstaSecret Every Girl Needs To Know© Getty

Do you ever see those before and after photos and feel ever-so-slighty jealous and guilty, mainly because you have a bag of cookies on your desk while whoever is sharing their snaps is taking care of themselves and looking fantastic? Well, fortunately for all the lazy bones out there, it's much easier to get your ideal selfie body than you realised...

Personal trainer Melanie Ventura has made a point that many before-and-after pictures are not quite what they seem by posing for them herself. Whilst it may look like the after photo is the result of months of hard work, in fact there's only a few seconds difference from when both snaps were taken. We know - crayyyyzee.

Rather than putting in the hard work Melanie uses some seriously simple tricks to make herself look ten pounds lighter in a matter of moments. We're listening.

Here's how to get 20 second abs...

Wear Flattering Clothing: Instead of wearing a bikini that is way too tight, Melanie changes into black bikini bottoms which not only fit better, but also have the advantage of making her appear slimmer.

Straighten up: Instead of posing with drooping shoulders and a sagging posture, the personal trainer stands up straight with her shoulders back and chest out. With her legs slightly open and a hand on her hip, she's immediately slimmed into super gym mode without needing to do anything!

​Take a step back: The further you are from the camera, the slimmer you'll appear. It's science in action. ​

The finishing touches: Take your hair down, add a little bit of make up or use a filter and it will make all the difference!

After showing how it was done, Mel requested her Instagram followers to post fake before and after snaps to see the difference, and the results are admittedly amazing. Check them out!

Let's face it: we probably should hop onto a treadmill or eat some salads to actually get the figure of our dreams, but it's crazy how much this actually works! It also goes to show that you shouldn't quite believe everything you see because who knows? Maybe Mille Mackintosh's gym pics are just the result of some clever tricks? We can dream alright!

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This article was written by Emmy Griffiths, follow her @emmyfg

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