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Imogen Thomas gives birth to a baby girl

by Esme Riley ,
Imogen Thomas gives birth to a baby girl

Imogen Thomas and her boyfriend Adam Horsley have welcomed a daughter into the world.

Imogen Thomas gives birth to a baby girl

The reality star turned glamour model, who modelled for nearly-naked shots when heavily pregnant, has named her little girl Ariana Siena Horsley.

Imogen delivered Ariana via Caesarean section - because she was breach - on Monday morning.

The 30-year-old's spokesperson confirmed: "We've spoken to Imogen and mum and baby are doing really well. The little girl was delivered by Caesarean."

And Imogen tweeted: "Ariana is beautiful & perfect. Thanku 2 every1 for all ur well wishes & support. This has been the greatest experience & day of our lives x."

Imogen decided to reveal she was pregnant on daytime television last August.

She had only been dating Adam for 10 months when the news was announced and the pair have just recently moved in together.

Imogen has insisted marriage isn't on the cards just yet.

She told New! magazine: Because I’m having a baby, everyone’s like, “Oh my God, she’s going to get married now. But I’ve never wanted to and all it is a ring.

"At the moment, I’m not feeling it. I love Adam to bits and everything’s great between us, but we just want to enjoy what we’ve got."

Imogen - who enjoyed posting a string of photos of her baby bump throughout her pregnancy to Twitter - has definitely been enjoying herself ahead of Ariana's arrival.

She tweeted last week: "Good morning! Happy Friday whooop! This is my last weekend alone!!! Before my baby arrives.

"Pampering wknd!!! I'm at the nail salon getting a pedi and infills! I am sooooooo excited to see my mam."

Esme Riley
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