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Justin Bieber ordered to clean up hotel graffiti in Australia

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Justin Bieber ordered to clean up hotel graffiti in Australia© Getty

Justin Bieber is continuing to succeed in his apparent goal to annoy every country in the world, and this time it’s Australia! The 19-year-old singer has been Down Under for the final leg of his Believe tour, and was apparently given permission to spray paint a wall at the hotel he was staying at. But although the hotel may have enjoyed having a teenager create bad art on their property, the local council is NOT impressed and they have apparently asked Biebs to remove the graffiti.

Justin Bieber has been asked by a local council in Australia to remove the graffiti he drew earlier this week. He’s obviously not going to do it, but good for them to give it a shot!

According to the BBC, the hotel that the Biebs was staying at allowed him to draw a series of cartoon faces on an outside wall earlier this week – by the way, Bieber is no Banksy – and the local council were entirely unimpressed with his efforts.

A spokesperson for the Gold Coast City Council, speaking on behalf of the Mayor, said: “The city has a zero tolerance approach to graffiti. The mayor will contact the hotel to say that if Justin Bieber does not want to use the free graffiti removal kit left with him, then the hotel is expected to use it.

“If not, we will send council compliance officers to ensure the mess is taken care of.”

Ah, Biebs! What poor innocent hotel staff member is going to have to clean up your mess?!

The mayoral spokesperson added: “It might be on private land but it’s in prominent public view. The mayor will be contacting our compliance officers today to have a notice issued to the hotel to clean it up.”

The Mayor, Tom Tait, has also allegedly been talking about the Boyfriend singer’s behaviour, as according to the Guardian he said it was “really silly”.

​“The last thing we want is to have graffiti glorified and more young people thinking it’s a cool thing to do.

"I know he’s got beautiful eyes. I’ve got some goggles for him, and some gloves because I know he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty.”

“Just come and clean it up and we’ll be happy with you. Alternatively come and sing at our mayoral Christmas carols on 7th December for an hour and I’ll let you know.”

Sounds fair to us! Since he’s not leaving Oz until December 8th when his tour wraps up in Perth, surely he’ll have time to do a quick gig!

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